Monday, May 31, 2010

May 2010 in Review

Once again I have failed in the monthly photography department.  A random summary of May in Arizona would have to include praises to the Lord for such a beautiful spring this year.  I don't remember it being this cool in May since we moved here!  So refreshing.  It's payback time, but I will just remember to be thankful for the extended coolness. 8)

I started a SlimFast diet.  It's definitely not Fast.  But my weight is coming off, even if it is milligram by milligram.  This was my supper.  The meatball is not part of the SlimFast diet -- it was extra, and probably added 300 calories to my meal that night.  I only ate one.  I think.

Emily again got the insatiable desire to sew.  We printed out a pattern and I let her at it with my sewing scissors.  For a six year old, she did a surprisingly good job of cutting!  The result of this mess

is this little kitty:

and one very happy little girl.

Amy sewed, of course.  If she doesn't have a sewing project to do, she mopes around like a lost puppy.  Thank goodness for sites like DIY Dish, Sew Mama Sew, Ikat Bag, and others, where she gets a lot of her ideas.  As you can imagine, keeping her in this much fabric would break the bank.  Providentially, a generous woman  gave us her huge stash of quilting and craft fabrics, and that will keep Amy in business for a while.  A few weeks, anyway. ;)

Oh, I see a model sneaked into this photo of a toddler's soft fabric ball:

My own creating this month was limited to this little graphic for my husband's blog.  Not too bad for someone who only knows how to cut and paste!  The little preacher just needs a little bit of gray hair, a 5 o'clock shadow and a suitcoat.  My husband preaches with his coat on.  But wait, maybe this is a Sunday night after church, and he is getting ready to go on a late night ride.  Yes, that's it!

As you know, getting to the end of the school year in a diligent fashion requires discipline and hard work, characteristics that some of us are sorely lacking.  We are finished with the school year, whether we got through all the material or not. (Not.)  Mostly finished.  Alison is still winding up her Apologia physical science course.    Two of my other students discovered yet another diversion from their school work:

Each fifth Sunday of the month the children of our church take over the music and add to the preaching.  Last night Emily played "God Is So Good".  (She was going to play AND sing, but she forgot to sing.  She was very displeased with herself.) :(  However, I was very pleased with her willingness to serve the Lord in this way! :D

And, this was the first Sunday that Elisabeth took part in making the music!  It was such a blessing to see her little smile the entire time she bowed along!  She did so well.  I think she is finally at the point in her violining, at which playing becomes FUN.

And you  already know about this:

We are out one good radio and the thermostat in my oven.  Thanking God it wasn't the air conditioner. :D

We're looking forward to a fun summer and a big trip later on, days at the lake, more sewing, some new shoes, getting together with friends and making some new friends.  Remember this song? I think it's a round.  Make new friends, and keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold. Everyone have a great summer!

While the earth remaineth,
seedtime and harvest,
and cold and heat,
and summer and winter,
and day and night
shall not cease.

Genesis 8:22


  1. Your meatball dinner looks pretty sad, Sally. But I think I should do something drastic about my weight loss soon! You have such crafty girls! Very cute sewing projects and of course, their musical talents too - love it! Great job to Elisabeth and Emily!

    Pretty pencil holders and nice graphic too Sally, it looks just like Pastor, :).

    You are early with your May report though...what if something REALLY, REALLY, exciting happened yet today?

  2. If something really really exciting happens yet today, I will have something to blog about! Bring it on! :D

  3. What neat projects the kids made! Your Emily should be super happy with that kitty. I love the other ones too. Your little graphic looks great! Maybe your dh will appreciate not having the realistic grey! Love the music pics and the story behind Emily's not singing.


  4. Hi Sally,
    I love all those little crafts. I need to cover some of the cans we have around full of stuff to make them look nicer. Where did you get those adorable animal patterns? They would sew up quick, wouldn't they, and I think my boys would like them.
    The music pictures are inspiring!
    God bless,

  5. Jenny, my daughter ( gets a lot of her patterns from craft sites and blogs where they offer patterns as free downloads. The bunny is one of those. The cat was a pre-printed fabric thingy where you have to purchase the panel, and the dog is Simplicity 5825. We only buy patterns when they are on sale for $1 at JoAnn's -- not sure if you can do that online or not. It's usually only one day a month that they do that sale. Sock monkeys are fun for boys, and there are lots of free online patterns for those!


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