Thursday, May 27, 2010

Word Problem of the Day

On Tuesday, a woman loses her phone service.  It takes the repairman 38 hours to get to the house. On Wednesday, one of her radio speakers dies. On Thursday, while the phone company repair man is at the house, the internet service goes out and eight minutes later, comes back to life.  The light in the dryer burns out. Two computer speakers die. Later that afternoon the motor on the one working evaporative cooler peeters out. Since the outside temperature is 90°, she shuts the windows and turns on the air conditioner.  After a short while, the ancient air conditioner blower motor quits working.  For the rest of the day she cools the house by alternately running the two sick cooler motors for a few minutes at a time, until both of them quit permanently.  Firefox crashes for the umpteenth time.  While the four children are home alone that afternoon, one light bulb explodes and lands in two pieces on one daughter's frightened head.  The woman hears what sounds like a smoke alarm beep once or twice for no reason.  The question is:  What is the woman's name?  Did you say, Sally?  If you did, you are right!

Now, in a few minutes we are off to church.  We have yet to see if the only car will start.


Okay, good, it started.  When we got home another light bulb blew, and the toilet was plugged.

In everything give thanks. :D  And always be ready to laugh.  (It helps.)


  1. [...] now for some more exciting things, with a nice bunch of pictures. If you read my mom’s post, you will have found out about all the problems we had yesterday. There were more today. After [...]

  2. [...] the dryer quit and the brand new swamp cooler burned out this morning, I decided maybe these incidents were not coincidental.  (I’m a little slow sometimes.)  Feeling slight trepidations about [...]

  3. Wow, you did have appliances dropping like flys. Now if it were me, it really would have been the appliances (not a power surge) going up in smoke.

    I'll have to do that CAPTCHE thing. Thanks for sharing that!


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