Saturday, May 22, 2010

Under Construction... Again

So my template was deleted.  Nice of them to give me some warning.  But hey, we can rebuild it.  We have the technology.  I just wish I had saved my most recent Wordpress template's html stuff, because that was a lot of work, and I was starting to like it.  The little devil on my left shoulder is whispering vile things for me to think about HSB, and the little angel on my right shoulder is saying, "Look, in the scheme of real things, just how important is this, anyway?! Relax!"  I am going to listen to the little angel on the right, and maybe even wait a bit to do anything to this template.  I'd like all the major changes to be finished so that I don't have to keep re-doing.  But I know how I am.  I'll be back here in about five minutes to get to work...


  1. What a bummer that you have to re-do it again :( I hope that it will stay put this time.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Hee,hee,hee. I had the same little people on my shoulders too when my blog was deleted. I feel bad for grumbling. I mean, this is a free site. We get so much for nothing! Oh well. It is human nature. Rebuilding this time was faster because my widgets were not lost, so I count that as gain.

  3. LOL, I knew you couldn't stay away for a week...and I'm so glad you didn't either. You are a stong woman, Sally! I'd probably be nothing but a quiviling puddle on the floor by now.

    Yes, it's my fear that I will get my blog just so, and then they give us a bunch more options and I'll be doing it all over again anyways. A test of patience and flexibility.

    I like your pretty mtn. picture too btw.

  4. Jane, if I were STRONG, I'd be able to keep away from here for a while, lol!

  5. Same here...what a lesson in perspective, patients, and so much more!

  6. Hi Tina with lilacs on her header!
    They are beautiful. Hmm, I have had a hard time with my desert mountains, what with my header photo getting more and more narrow. Maybe I need to do something more up close, like your flowers. Thinking...
    Looks like you are making progress for the third(?) time around on your template. Good job.
    Was fun chatting Friday. That Shani is the life of the party, isn't she. :o)

  7. Long suffering, persevering, and tenacious you are Sweet Sally, LOL!
    I'm just happy I was able to figure out how to post pictures. Aubrey helped me to do so (she's over my shoulder demanding credit, btw).
    This has definitely been a lesson in patience for me.
    I was concerned I had lost my links...I had quite a collection of great homeschooling helps...but wonderfully they reappeared.
    Take heart, you're waaaay ahead of me :-)!
    Hugs, Julie

  8. I'm determined not to get too attached to my template. (I see that 'Cutest Blog On the Block' is developing Wordpress templates - so I have my hopes set on one of those) ;-)


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