Monday, May 3, 2010

April 2010 in Review

After scrounging around in Amy's photo file I was able to find several for April.  If I am going to be serious about this photo-journaling business, I had better start taking a few of my own photos!  As it is, I have to steal them.  There are fewer this month, but that's okay.  We'll make up for it with videos.

In April we had a fun church picnic (was that this month??),

visited the 911 call center,

enjoyed some rain,

attempted a braided rug,

wondered over God's beautiful sunset,

played at the park,

made a pair of baby shoes,

and thanked God for his promises.

The big April to-do was our annual homeschoolers' fine arts recital.  That was held last Friday night, and since I am the organizer of this event, my mind has been busy.  (Quite the feat for my little brain.)  My replacement contact lens arrived JUST IN TIME!!  Thank the Lord!  My folks drove all the way here to see this, and we had such a good time with them. The recital displayed a wonderful variety of perfomances which included music as well as oral interpretation, recitation, scripture reading, and even a speech!  The girls think this was the best ever recital (they think that every year), and it just keeps getting better.  The speech was given by a girl we met at the park a few weeks ago, who, although she is homeschooled, participates in a local high school speech and debate team.  Her topic was courtship vs. dating, and she did a really good job.  I'm sure there were people in the audience who have never even considered such a thing. 

Here are Alison and Amy playing The Puppet Show:

And here, Alison's piano solo, Holy Holy Holy / Holy Is He, played by ear.  I love this piece.  You can sing Holy Holy Holy to either accompaniment.

Amy played Schubert's Waltz in A minor:

And one more.  This is Amy and  friend playing a beautiful arrangement of It Is Well With My Soul




Before the recital started, I left my camera in the kitchen, so I do not have videos of my younger two!   They are very disappointed in me, and so am I.  Elisabeth played a violin solo, and later, a trio involving clarinet (Betsy), violin (Alison), and flute (Amy).  Emily sang Ye Must Be Born Again and played He Leadeth Me on her violin.  Maybe I can figure out how to splice those out of the complete recital video that was done by one of the other families.  Hopefully I can post those later.

I'll try to do better about the photos in the merry merry month of May!

Sing unto him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise.
For the word of the LORD is right; and all his works are done in truth.
Psalm 33:3,4


  1. I have no idea where the month of April went, time flew so quickly! Oh, I feel your pain with the videos. They will one day know the same pain when they forget to record one of their children's recitals. I am impressed that you did what you did considering you were in charge of it all.

    Happy May!


  2. Very nice review of your month!!! I love your creative projects and listening to the girls. Perhaps if you can't get the video of Betsy & Em preforming, maybe they can give a private preformace for us from their home - I'd love to see them too! Wish I could play piano like your youngens.

    Love the pretty mtns. that hem in your town.

  3. Really like the new look. We lived in NM for a time and I loved the look of the desert at sunset! I miss that. Great review of the month. Such talented kids! Lynn Marie

  4. Really enjoyed the videos of the recital...just lovely! I also enjoyed the photo of the beautiful mountains. We have no such lovely scenery out here in the suburbs of Chicago, so I always love to see the views people have where they live!


    IllinoisLori at Plans4You

  5. If you find it, see if any of my April days are lost in there, too. Yours were filled to the brim -- so much that I can't say which was my favorite. It's forty years to late for me, but I'm suggesting these journals for my grandchildren and for my Sunday School girls, too. Thanks!


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