Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Quick Appearance!

Yippee! I'm here by accident. I was at my husband's blog and clicked on Dashboard, thinking I would go to HIS dashboard, and here I am at my own, very elusive dashboard. I don't know how that happened, but I'll take it. Where my blog and my other pages say "blogs", I still have zero, and no way to connect to my dashboard.

Quick, I'll write a post. More drivel for the "general" category. While three big sisters went to the orthodontist today, I took Emily to the pet shop. She was really needing some Mommy time (sometimes I really enjoy having big kids, and this little one gets left behind), and when I could not think of one good excuse not to go to a place where Emily could hold snakes and hamsters and hermit crabs, I grabbed my keys with a subtle sigh, and off we went. She knows better than to ask for a pet, so this is safe. I mean, if we didn't already know that Dad would say ABSOLUTELY NOT about a pet, I would stay away from there like the plague. TMG (too much guilt) involved there otherwise. We'd come home with an iguana or maybe a bunny in less than five seconds.

Alison was going to get her braces off today but Dr. White changed his mind again, and he says that since her mouth is a living, changing thing, that is his prerogative. Hopefully that will happen in time for our vacation later this summer.

Supper is in 40 minutes; I'm on the clock tonight. I had to discover this secret back door to posting right at supper-prep hour. I keep thinking of things to tell you all, but they'll have to wait! Later!


  1. Is the ortho paid as long as he decides she needs braces? That's a good gig for him, if it is true! I am glad you got onto your dashboard. Now you will have to log onto your husband's blog to post. I wonder if he will be able to log onto his blog now? Sounds like a crossed wire!

  2. No, Jenn, actually our orthodontist is only charging us for the equipment and lab fees, currently for three kids at once! :) Praise the Lord! (He's so good to us.)

    And no, it's not a crossed wire. My husband's template has his dashboard as a page. I was signed in as me, but I was going to do some work on his template. So I clicked on "dashboard", thinking I was going to his, but I was not signed in as Monocogman, and it went to mine instead. Simple, right? lol. I hope I don't lose his blog, too, or else I'll be done with mine!

  3. Glad you found your way back in, Sally! Maybe you have a fence around your Dashboard because you're too close to the border? LOL - I crack me up!!! :D Hope you can slide under the fence again soon!


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