Friday, November 30, 2012

At the beautiful Munsinger Gardens, St. Cloud, MN, Oct. 2012
God is good.  And he is trustworthy.  So no matter what happens, even if I am afraid of the circumstances, I can rest assured that he has my best interest in mind. And not only mine, but my family's, for we all belong to him.  And for that I am very thankful.  How anyone can live this unstable life without the peace of mind and soul that the Bible gives (when one believes what it says) is beyond me. When I become focused on all that goes on in life and in the world, and I don't stop to think of all that Jesus is to me, I get a little taste of insanity. I am very grateful that the Lord never forgets to think about me.

At Thanksgiving time my list of thankful-for's always begins with the things that make me happy and comfortable. But after mentally listing a few of these items I realize that while the object of my thanks is God, the focus of my thanks is still me!  How egocentric. I am determined to thank God for who he IS, as well as for what he has given me. Speaking of things he has given me, I am SO very grateful and thankful to have found a source of free insulin. The budget was just not going to handle another $200+ a month. Well, maybe the budget would have handled it, but I would not have.  God, knowing me very well, gave me a good tip.

Last week we traveled lickety-split to Kansas, to observe the Lord's Supper with our home church family.  It is such a short visit but that one hour of fellowship with our church is sweet. Our pastor and his wife are so good to us. We love them very much, for they treat us like royalty; they also have a role as godly grandparent figures to our girls. They are our counselors, prayer-partners, and encouragers. God has blessed us greatly, putting us into this church family.

'Tis now the season for my famous Peppermint Cremes, so don't forget to make some. Alison made one batch a very few days ago, and they are GONE.  Didn't even get to share any. That is just so wrong. Peppermint Cremes should be savored and eaten very slowly, and that one soft, rich sandwich cookie should satisfy every craving for a good while. But that is not what happens in my house. I think everyone is afraid they are not going to get their share if they don't eat fast. So in two or three days we are Creme-less, and considering their calorie content, that might be a good thing. But who counts calories at this time of year? Oh, and insulin -- did I say insulin?  When are they going to put Peppermint Cremes on the ADA list of free foods for diabetics?

Betz's birthday is next week, and she has no ideas for a birthday gift. She says she is perfectly content with the stuff she has. Her specially invited birthday dinner guest is not a friend her own age, but a sweet eighty-year-old woman who is a fellow volunteer at the nursing home.  I think that is very cool, don't you? 

This week the whole family made a trip to the tech school for cheapo teeth cleanings and x-rays.  Bad idea.  It's a good idea to have your teeth cleaned, but going to the dentist is a lot like taking your car to the mechanic.  You can be sure they will find a way to get more business out of you.  We need to have a retainer re-bonded, some wisdom teeth removed, some small cavities filled, six crowns, an orthodontic evaluation, and a consultation with an oral surgeon.  **sigh**  Well, God will provide whatever we really need, as well as the wisdom to determine what that is. He is good that way.

Our little church is holding its own, and we are encouraged by our faithful few. I think it is really neat how God prepares us to serve him in ways we could never imagine. My husband loves cycling, and it's a good thing, because it's one of few cost-effective ways to reach people who live way out of town. Google satellite maps help tremendously with this endeavor, as he is able to see ahead of time where the homes are concentrated, and where there is a five-mile-long dead end road with two homes on it. Then he plans accordingly. He has ridden mile after mile of dirt roads, putting our church flyer and a gospel message into people's ad boxes, giving wheel-chasing dogs a run for their money, and talking with the curious who want to know what a guy is doing on a bicycle out there in the middle of nowhere. God has blessed his endurance and his faithfulness and, after living in the desert for some years, his renewed tolerance of cold weather. I am proud and thankful to be married to this man.

I have now written a wandering blog novella and it is time to get supper. Thank you for staying with me this long. :)

Wishing all my friends out there a happy Thanksgiving season!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Shopping Research of the Day

If you buy a 3# chub of 80% lean ground beef on sale for $7.98 ($2.66/lb), and 14 oz of  that is fat/water... calculator noises ... that means 30% of the chub is not meat.  The meat is actually $3.65 per pound.

The 93% lean meat is now on sale for $3.49 a pound in a 3# chub ($10.47). Assuming there is actually 43 oz of meat in the chub, (having subtracted 7% for fat and an extra ounce for water),  that leaner meat is really closer to $3.89 per lb.  But you get more meat in the package... and a lot less residual fat.  ...And less of all the bad stuff that is IN the fat.  (That stuff reeks! Didn't cooked hamburger used to smell good?  What have they done to it??)

Looks like the lean meat is the better deal, all things considered. 
Is that gross, or is that gross?!
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