Monday, November 5, 2012

Shopping Research of the Day

If you buy a 3# chub of 80% lean ground beef on sale for $7.98 ($2.66/lb), and 14 oz of  that is fat/water... calculator noises ... that means 30% of the chub is not meat.  The meat is actually $3.65 per pound.

The 93% lean meat is now on sale for $3.49 a pound in a 3# chub ($10.47). Assuming there is actually 43 oz of meat in the chub, (having subtracted 7% for fat and an extra ounce for water),  that leaner meat is really closer to $3.89 per lb.  But you get more meat in the package... and a lot less residual fat.  ...And less of all the bad stuff that is IN the fat.  (That stuff reeks! Didn't cooked hamburger used to smell good?  What have they done to it??)

Looks like the lean meat is the better deal, all things considered. 
Is that gross, or is that gross?!


  1. Thanks for doing the math and reaffirming to my why I buy only the most lean. And when I have buffalo (which I'm out of right now), that is nearly 0 fat, so the $4.28/lb. doesn't seem bad at all. Esp. since that's what I pay for all the bison, including the fancy steaks. You made my day!

  2. YUCK! We no longer buy anything under 90 percent lean ( or is that over?) Anyway we did not like the texture or smell of the higher fat beef. Thanks for breaking the price down! Love it!

    1. I should have made that a math assignment!

    2. You should have! This is math that matters.

  3. That is nasty!! I forgot how it was when we were back there. I am so thankful for what we have here. At first I was kind of skirmish but now totally used to it. I go to my meat store just down the road and they personally fresh grind it for me. I do not have a choice if it is lean or regular just if I want beef, beef and pork mixed or just pork. But I got to say that my ground beef is quite lean and hardly ever have to pour off!! While I am at the meat store I even have the choice of buying a pigs head, or chicken feet or pigs liver actually I can pretty much buy any part of the animals. However, I have not seen the eyes yet!!!!
    Love ya!!!! Camille

  4. I can no longer bring myself to buy meat that smells so bad. I really don't want to know why it does, either! I'm sure that I can guess. So we either don't eat beef very often, or I buy organic, which smells like beef used to smell. Beans are our friends. :-)

  5. Oh yes! The meat DOES smell gross these days!
    I made a package the other day and my kids remarked that it actually smelled like cow/manure.

    We are eating more ground turkey - but I'm really not sure if that is any better.

  6. We're eating much more chicken these days. Not ours, but hopefully one day I'll bite the bullet and we'll all get on board to buy some broilers to butcher.
    I've wanted to buy a calf to eventually butcher but we'd have to get several people to go in with us regarding the dispersal of meat, we just don't have the freezer space.
    Thanks so much for your comment and warm Thanksgiving wishes!
    I've missed you too :-), although I regularly click over here and the girls visit your girls blogs.
    You have such a wonderfully blessed family, Sally, and I'm so proud of your girls. Thanks for not letting the world intrude, what a testimony of how God will shape the young ones when He's honored. You and your husband have done a wonderful job sticking to your convictions and raising them in a household that honors our Lord!
    And I love looking at Amy's pictures, she's sooo talented.
    Thanks again for the comment at my place!


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