Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Greetings from the Ocean

How different from the desert can you get, except maybe lush, green grass, or maybe a thick jungle?  I figure as long as we are changing things around here, I might as well do it good!  For now.

Well, hooray, today I can access my dashboard and fool around with stuff, but you know, I could do this all day, especially considering the presence of my semi-techie daughter who keeps encouraging me to do just one more thing.  Seeing as how my HSB media storage is 90% full, I could go back and delete some meaningless blog drivel (most falls into that category, I'm afraid, including this one), but how much time is it worth taking to design in detail a blog that only five people see each day?  lol.  Well.  I have things to do today.  Don't we all? :)  Oh, blogging is such a good distraction from real life.  An escape.  Today I don't need to escape; I am rather enjoying my life.  So back to reality I go, and I'll be back to play some other time.  Bless you God today!


  1. My media storage is used up too. I was hoping we'd get some more. :-)

  2. Ha! I could write a "ditto" for my day! :-) Too much for L. and I to be distracted by here. It's been fun but I think we're going to have to limit ourselves with all the tweaking.

    I miss your gorgeous desert blog, but we're all about content here, right? I'm hoping we find that we can adjust font size (??) and do more with the templates than it appears.

    Blessings on your day!


  3. Hi Sally~

    Just wanted to say a quick hello to let you know that I popped 'round for a visit this morning. :) It looks as though all is well with you and yours.

    I totally agree with the sharing a room thing, and would like the boys to do so once we're in an actual home again. They're sharing one now, so to speak, so how much different would it be, lol?

    You are so very blessed - *loved* the joyful singing whilst working. How very sweet!

    All right - off to work on my blog some more, and perhaps even put up a new post. Bought myself a USB cord last night (finally!), so you know what that means.... photos! :)

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Hello! I *finally* got onto (into?) my blog!
    I have no idea where anything is ( and I miss my homemade template) but I wanted to pop over and say hello.


  5. Hi! I miss your beautiful desert blog, too. Wish we could do more with these. There's supposed to be one --- the very last them on the last page called WP Framework. If you click the link, it says there's a way to completely customize it, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Maybe if I had more time to just sit at the computer, but . . . . . life goes on. :)

    I'm enjoying your blog very much. Your girls are precious! :)

    God bless,

    Jenny in Alaska


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