Friday, May 28, 2010

WP Questions and Answers

Thought I'd write a quick(?) post on the things I have learned to do and those that I WANT to learn how to do here at the new HSB.  Take the info you need, and if you have the info I need, please share!

What I Know (Not Much):

  1. How to post YouTube videos.  So easy.  I did it the hard way accidentally, and then found out later how easy it was supposed to be.  Go to your dashboard and click on Plugins.  Activate YouTuber.  On your settings you will see YouTuber added, and if you click there you will see simple instructions on how to post videos.  Now, on your new post task bar you will have a button for YouTuber, right next to the "kitchen sink" button.  Click.  Paste the video url from YouTube (or Vimeo), and install it.  Delete everything in the url EXCEPT what comes between the "v=" and the next "&" sign. (ie. [youtube] [/youtube]  Now "cut" that code and paste it on the HTML page for your post (tab located on the top right of your task bar).  Now you can go back to the "visual" tab and finish writing your post.

  2. How to get rid of the Captcha code for comments. On the dashboard, under Plugins,  you now have Captcha options.  Uncheck "Enable CAPTCHA on the comment form," if you don't want your commenters to have to bother with that.

  3. How to post pictures on the sidebar. Easy.  Open your widgets.  Drag a text widget to the right place on your sidebar.  Open the widget and paste the <img src code that you used in your old template.  You did save your old template, didn't you?  Add buttons the same way.

What I Want to Know:

  1. How to remove post revisions using the plug-in.  It's activated, and in the settings it says I have zero posts and zero revisions.  But I do have revisions, and I don't see a place to delete them.

  2. How to use Dock or Accordion plug-ins.  I tried downloading the plug-ins from their respective sites, but then I didn't know what to do with the files.  When I activated the YouTuber plugin, a button was automatically added to my post task bar, but that didn't happen with these plugins.

  3. What is a slug?

  4. And, how can I keep from having Amy's and my identities mixed up here? When I post comments on other blogs, they are from me.  But on my activities pages, those same comments are attributed to Amy.  Do I have to clear the cookies every time I log on??

As I do more with WP I will have to write part 2 of this post, maybe part 3 and part 4, too!

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