Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Search & Win

Amy has been "saving" for an MP3 player and charger, to use on our trip this summer.  Since she has no way to earn real money, she uses Swagbucks' search engine to earn "Swagbucks", which, when accumulated, turn into all sorts of prizes of your choosing.  So far, in just a few weeks, Amy has earned over $50 in Amazon gift cards, plus $20 in Paypal money.   I have been pleasantly surprised to see that this site generates no junk mail or email and no spam.

Whenever we want to do a search, we first enter the tag words into the Swagbucks search toolbar.  Amy often gets between 5-20 Swagbucks the first or second time she does this each day.  One time she got 50.  We rarely even look at the Swagbucks search results, but usually change the search engine to Google with one click, and go from there.  Amy does all sorts of fake searches just to get more  Swagbucks!

For those of you who would sign up to be a blessing to a kid, here's a tip:  Amazon gift cards cost fewer Swagbucks when purchased ("snagged") in $5 lots.  And, you can use multiple gift cards in one Amazon order.

So, the reason I am telling you about this is so that you will become covetous also and will sign up for Swagbucks using one of my links right here.  :)  Every time you earn Swagbucks, Amy will earn them too, up to your first 1000.

Swagbucks is a pretty neat way for a kid to make money, although I do have to admit I have this verse about "wealth gotten by vanity"  in the back of my mind...

To sign up, click right here, or anywhere on this page where you see Swagbucks!

Search & Win

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  1. I will see if my 12 yo son wants to sign up. He is unable to make real money too and has a lot of wishes!!! (Just like his mama.)
    So, were you able to get on your dashboard without going through your husband's blog?


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