Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting Used to Things

For one, my new template. Sorry about the family photo... maybe I Alie can tack it on at the bottom, and I'll set it for fewer posts per page? 

Also getting used to being blind for all practical purposes, as I lost a contact lens down the drain yesterday.   Don't ask how that happened.  I'm sure you can figure it out.  So in the meantime I am creeping along with my very not stylish ancient glasses (c.1989) that give me a horrendous headache, hoping NOT to run into anyone I know, and waiting impatiently to get a new left contact lens from  Even with a $15 charge for 2-3 day shipping, they are STILL $15 cheaper than at my eye doctor's office.  That was a small $5 compromise over the 1-2 day shipping for $20, taking my chances on getting the new lense in two days rather than the allowed three. Our homeschoolers' fine arts program is this Friday, and I just can't go there  in my 1980's frames, with a raging headache.

I'm sure that at some point I must have wisely considered buying a spare pair of contact lenses.... but probably not when the money was flowing.  In the meantime, we make do, yes?  Well, God is good.  I'm not totally blind or even close to it. And I have a right contact lens, which means I don't have to purchase two.  In everything give thanks. 


  1. Yes, we make do! And we give thanks for what we do have. That has been the theme of my last two weeks when it seems that our medical savings account will never recover and the injuries just keep coming. Sorry to vent. You touched a nerve. God is good and has provided. It is my sinful heart that wishes He would provide a cushion.


  2. Wow, am I at the right site? That is really neat - your daughters are so creative! I like the new look.

    Maybe you could use your family photo as your avatar?

    Sorry to hear about the lost contact. Those things happen. I pray the new one arrives in time for the recital. Jeff has contacts that he wears for a week and then throws them away for the next fresh pair. I think I'll get those for Amber too because I'm sure something like that will happen to here too along the way. Boy, do I wish I could wear contacts again.

  3. Oooh your new template is so pretty!

    Sorry to hear about your contact lens. (I never could get used to contacts - I'm stuck with glasses.) Hope you get your order soon!

  4. diamondsintheroughApril 27, 2010 at 3:40 PM

    Oh Jane, what would I do without you? Using my family photo as my avatar is a capital idea. Thank you!

  5. Aw, shucks mame, it's nothing. lol, actually, your avatar reminds me of the Brady Bunch...maybe it's your blond hair & the light blue just need a couple more kids and a maid.

    ...But that's not a put down mind you, I always liked the Brady Bunch. Your new avatar looks really great!!!!

  6. I love your new blog look! Beautiful picture and very creative. Kudos to your kiddo for her professional help!

    Gotta love that Arizona sunshine.


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