Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Subtle(?) Hint and More Rambling Thoughts

Thanks, Amy! 

It's a sort of quiet morning here; Daddy has the little girls on a bike ride, and rather than getting to work, two of us girls are computerizing.  Amy is looking for an interesting history video on, and I am putzing around not accomplishing much of anything.  And this after a rousing motivational speech by yours truly yesterday morning during our Ladies' Coffee Hour.  sigh. Oh well. Alison is sight-reading piano music....

We have our spring fine arts recital coming up in just fifteen days, and Amy hasn't decided on a piano solo yet.  She will probably choose one three days before the big event and play it like she's been practicing for months.  Some people are just like that, you know? (I'm not one of them.)   Alison will be doing piano and violin solos, playing in a couple of ensembles, AND playing along with her violin students.  She feels like she is taking over the show.  It won't be quite like the first or second year, when it seemed like it was the Johnson Girls Show.  Our recital is growing!  This year we have twenty-two homeschool kids participating in music, speech, recitation, and oral interpretation.  I am both relieved and excited!

On the schedule for today: Ladies' Coffee Hour and Bedell Curriculum , cleaning zones  (it's 10:00 am and are we ever off to a slow start), school , nursing home Bible study , and church service this evening .  Maybe a bit of sewing or reading?  Speaking of reading, it has been a long time since I have read out loud to my girls.  Anyone have a great book to recommend?  Maybe a classic that wouldn't be over their heads?  Or a non-fiction survival story?

My little group is home, so it's time to get moving.  Was nice visiting with you this morning!


  1. Silence! ROFLOL!!!!

    You are hilarious, lady. One thing to think about since the girls didn't say anything: silence gives consent. Since they didn't offer constructive feedback, they can never say they didn't have their chance, huh?

    Anyway, I hope the rest of your discussion was more productive. I will post my part two soon.



  2. Oh Sure, I go out of town for two days and you start blogging like Oh fun, banana grams. Who wrote that?

    Yeah on the fine arts recital growing! Glad some of the load is being taken off the J family. Yes, me too, if I was in the recital, I'd have to practice for months and probably still flub up.

  3. I have really enjoyed reading The Lives of The Three Mrs. Judsons. It is great! It is a very old book, but is being reprinted and is easily available via the internet. I enjoy your blog : ) Tara @


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