Thursday, April 1, 2010

This n That

Good morning, all.
Random post following:

First of all, since is is "Holy Week", please be directed to my husband's recent post:
And for more info, see here.

Second, what do you see happening in this photo?

Did you guess that we are having devotions?  You are right!  Don't ask me how this activity fit into Acts 3.  I did ask my students to pay attention. (They said they were paying attention, but I think the Bible deserves more respect than this.)  What?  Oh, sorry.  Correction:  We were doing our Bedell curriculum, which one of my children says doesn't deserve quite the same respect that the Bible does.

Third, we city dwellers had a bit of excitement this morning.  A coyote meandered up and down our street.  I know this happens all the time in other parts of our town, but we live IN TOWN, not anywhere near the edge of town.  This is the first time in nearly seven years that we have seen a coyote.  I called Animal Control, but they were not open yet, and the recording referred me to an emergency number, which I promptly phoned while my raisin bran sogged.  The operator answered, "Fire and police..."  I did not realize I was calling 911!  Apologizing, I explained that my situation was probably not that kind of emergency, but there was a wild coyote loose on my street.  The woman assured me that this happens all the time, and that unless the animal was acting aggressively there was no cause for alarm.  Coyotes are very timid.  I said, "Okay, thank you." I hung up and we continued our educational coyote watch from safely behind glass.   Five minutes later Emily spied the  Animal Control vehicle going down the street, presumable looking for that timid coyote.  I imagine they changed their minds when the operator realized we live three blocks from the school. 

(Don't be fooled by that lawn in the photo.  It's fake.)

Also exciting news:
After starting a taco salad for supper last night and realizing I had no cooked chicken, no black beans, no mild salsa, no green pepper, no tomatoes, I made a taco salad anyway.  It turned out really tasty, and everyone wants me to make it that way again!  Husband says I have graduated to the level of master cook.  Now that I can cook like a grandma, he says, we are ready to have grandkids. Alison is ready to get married and be a mother to provide us that privilege.  She just has to find a worthy husband... he will have to fit a mile-long list of qualifications, so you be praying for her.  There just might not be a man on earth who will pass her dad's scrutiny.


  1. LOL, oh how funny. I don't recall that lesson which says to lie on the floor and spin your chairs on top of you. I don't think I should point this photo out to the girls - all's they do is sit around and listen (and read the Bible & lesson too). How boring are we?

    Wow, you even caught a picture of the coyote - your coyotes have less hair/fur than ours - I wonder why (wink).

    I love taco salad, and it's sooo easy to vary...a good way to get rid of some of those leftovers in the fridge -- just hide it in the taco salad. :) (Don't worry, I wont do that while you are here).

  2. I don't think it matters where you live now. We have seen them all around Indianapolis. The rails to trails we used to live near was their hangout. My husband would see them as he rode his bike early in the morning. As for your students, I am shocked. I thought you were proper ladies. (lol)

    Happy Easter!


  3. I wonder what Mr. Coyote was looking for.

    Several weeks ago one of the dogs chased a coyote through the front yard and the coyote's buddy sort of loped behind our dog trying to catch up with his friend...WEIRD. Tim and Aubrey were out in the front yard watching the whole thing speechless. Usually they don't come up close to the house. I wonder if your coyote was looking for a cat snack, they love 'em.

    Aubrey was showing me Amy's blog and all her creations and I'm just sooo amazed. She needs to sell them at Etsy and call them Amy's Amazing Creations :-)!

    Blessings, Julie


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