Saturday, April 17, 2010

Homeschooling Works

At least in the early grades, it does.

Here's Emily, at age six, an avid reader of the A to Z Mystery series.  She is learning all sorts of interesting, unrealistic things about life.   But she loves reading, and the better she can read, the more she can learn!  So, even though I fret and worry about the older kids getting what they need academically while they are at home (What do they really need academically?  That's a whole 'nother issue...), I am confident that all of my girls have the tools they need to learn if they WANT to learn.  Reading is the biggie.  By God's grace, there's no child left behind in this house, and for that I am grateful.

See that cap Em is wearing?  That is a welder's cap, Amy's my latest sewing experiment.  They are supposed to be a hot item among welders and construction workers. ??  I guess these simple caps keep their heads cooler under those helmets and hardhats. This was an adult size medium, but it didn't fit any of the big people in my house.  Good thing it was just a experiment.  I need to pick up some more masculine-type fabric patterns.  I don't think many welders want pink hearts or flowers on their caps.    But here's the key:  These caps sell for about $10 each.  If one cap takes two hours, that's not a great hourly wage.  But it's something!  Thinking on this one... more stuff for my theoretical Etsy shop.

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  1. but Jeff says, "Readers are Readers", lol. Yep, I think anything outside of Bible and the three R's, everything is extra-curricular.

    Nice hat. Reminds me of an English riding helmet, but would have to have some kind of harder shell to protect the head. You never know, some welders might like a bit of color...or...maybe not.


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