Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Excitement

PlainJane was right.  I wrote my month-end post too soon.  Hours after I posted, my husband finished maintenance on our second evaporative cooler, one we have not turned on for a couple of years.  For some reason we had big red, winged ants -- yes, ants, not termites -- all over the roof (what -- did someone drop an ice cream cone out of a helicopter or something?), so husband took first the bug-icide, then the garden hose to the roof of the house.  When he turned on the cooler, black water began pouring through the ceiling cooler vent into the living room... :D   and that concludes the excitement for the month of May!


  1. My goodness, Sally, what a couple of weeks you've had!! I don't keep up with my blogging for a few days and yours reads like the evening news! ha! My wish for you is a CALM June in which nothing unpredictable arises. :-)

    Well, it surely makes for entertaining reading and you write it so well. By the way, thanks for the techie post giving us tips on how to do stuff--much appreciated! We're gonna get through all this together, aren't we??

    Blessings on your day!

  2. Sorry about sending that dirt inside. I have a plant to never see that happen again.

  3. You are too much, Sally! I meant to get over here earlier to say just that--you and I are opposites on the pre-homeschool activities scale; I love to plan--I only like doing (as opposed to love--HA HA).

    You and your daughter are reading some of our most fun books--we loved Mr. Popper's Penguins, and Farmer Boy has great parts, although I'm loving the courtship of Almanzo and Laura far more right now as we complete Little Town on the Prarie. My youngest says, "Oh, no, now they're going to be husband and wife." (heavy sigh) I hope she keeps that perspective for another 20 years! Our oldest is now in her first stages of meeting a young man, so when he calls, I'm elated, but I also think, "Oh, no, now they're going to be husband and wife! (even though that's much farther down the line).

    I've been lurking and skimming over here and everywhere else, and I appreciate your candor--it gives others freedom to be "real." I did come by a few days ago, though, to hopefully link my youngest as a friend to carrotlover. I couldn't find a friends link on her blog. If she's interested, my youngest is at homeschoolblogger.com/savsworld. ('savs' is short for Savannah's).

    Running today, but loving you always!


  4. Belinda, I think that to add a friend you have to go to their member page. Or IS there a way, now, to add them from their blog?? I will add Savannah to Elisabeth's friends. I just left her a comment. Please apologize to her for me for spelling her name without the H!

  5. WOW what a month. So glad you have to laugh during all of this. God is laughing too.

  6. Hey Dust Man.

    Are you putting a plant in the house that eats up the dust?
    Or are you sending in a spy to figure something out?

    What kind of plant are you talking about?


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