Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Month in Review -- June 2010

Bear with me here -- template under construction again!  If I finish it tonight we'll call it another accomplishment for the month of June.  This is more me.  More anonymity, less blue.  Not that like don't like blue at all, but I love red accents, and this blog just needs some red.  So wish me success. UPDATE: I have just discovered that my media library is full, and since I can't get anything to permanently delete, there will be no new, lovely-with-red-accents header photo.  For now.  I also found out that none of my widgets were saved.  So, back to the drawing board.  Ah, it's good for the soul, this exercise in longsuffering.

Well.  So much for my great plans to do Bedell Curriculum and math every day this summer!  I think when we finished school last month we also disconnected our brains.  Well, no matter.  Our hearts are still connected, and that is more important to me.  :D

Working backwards:

In June, Alison finished crocheting a table-topper for my mom.  My grandmother had several of these in different colors, and there is a lot of nostalgia in this for me.  It is double-crocheted in the round and the finished product is 60" in diameter.   Does this look like a product for Etsy?  I didn't see any round crocheted table-toppers there. Hmmm.  Mom rewarded Alie with a webcam, which has brought many hours of silly entertainment.

The girls played music for our local nursing home again last week. Do you see something different?

If you guessed it is Amy on the violin rather than the flute, you guessed correctly!  It thrills my ♥  to have four little strings players.  Later that week I saw a local ad for a German-made violin, two bows, and hard case.  The owner did not know what he had, and we snatched it up!  Amy has now graduated from a VSO to a real violin.  BONUS: One of the bows is actually a viola bow, and a very nice one!  That bow alone is worth way more than I paid for the whole outfit.  God is good.  Now we just need a viola. :D

This is Amy with the VSO, not the real violin.  The four girls are working on a Handel aria and it is just lovely. (Okay, I know I am biased, being their mother.  Any music they make together is beautiful to me!)

Alison is now giving lessons to three sisters and six other students.  Hopefully she will write a post soon about how teaching has helped her grow in many areas.  It has made a huge difference in her teen-hood!

Elisabeth and I turned this:

into this:

Elisabeth did quite a bit of the sewing.  Good for her!  I love JoAnn Fabrics's $1 pattern sales.  I wouldn't pay$15 for a pattern, especially not for something to play in!!  Many thanks to PlainJane, BookwormMN, and ALadyBug for the bonnet(s)!  Elisabeth, oh excuse me, Prudence here, and her brother, Andy the Cowboy, played covered wagons.  Below, Andy the Cowboy, eating his peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich.  Did they have PB&M in the old days?

A friend's yard sale produced a practically new Lands' End backpack for Alie.  (I ran over her new one with the vacuum cleaner and ripped the straps right off -- two years ago!)  Only one problem, it was monogrammed Andy.  She didn't want anyone to think she has a boyfriend named Andy.  So I fixed that:

A request from Emily for coloring pages resulted in these cowboy templates from MadeByJoel.

That guy has some neat creations! I love his light drawings.  Amy tried some, too.

Legos are still the world's best toy.  Something is usually in the creation process here.

Too much TV this month.

Even Dad got it on it. These girls sure do love their daddy! Here they are watching the Time Changer DVD. (Again.)

Last but not definitely not least, we headed up to our local mountains for a refreshing hike.  Ahem.  Some hiked.  I spent the entire afternoon alone,  reading and relaxing, watching the birds and squirrels, and experiencing the breeze and 70°!   Everyone have enough water?  Check.  Energy food?  Check.

After nearly five miles of hiking (someone didn't know that they were almost back where they started, and if only they had not turned around, but had just kept going...) this little person was whupped.

A wonderful way to end the day, and a good way to end the Month in Review.  July promises a big picnic and the start of a big family trip for these Diamonds in the Rough.

It's time to get supper!  We're hungry!This is where I normally insert a fitting Bible verse, but I'll have to do that later!


  1. Hello, I enjoyed getting to see your family pictures and due to the late hour, I only skimmed your text. I have been on here a lot today - edited one of my posts which changed its posted day and added two other posts I hope you visit my site; sorry no pictures, just lots of words.

    God's Blessings to you & yours for this new day!
    in > His service,

  2. Love your month in review!!!! At the rate I am going its gonna be Summer in Review:)
    Wow you daughter has talent. The table cloth is beautiful! Yes its worth of Etsy. Beautiful instruments! We found two guitars this week. Made the mistake of going home to look them up and see what they were and the true value of indeed was a good value and in great shape. We missed it! Someone else got them before we returned. ( would have been 37.00 )I love my kids music...I am biased!!!! It is lovely and soothing to the soul.
    Beautiful dress. We love JoAnns $1 patterns too. Here they do it two times each year. We get in line very early and wait.
    Creative backpack! Love it
    Awe PBand M sandwiches! Memories.
    LEGOS are the best toy for everyone. We all play with legos. I think hubby and I enjoy them as much or more than the kids.
    Your hike sounds wonderful. I love the relaxing and reading and watching the birds part!!! Good for you. Have a great week.

  3. It looks like you have had a wonderful month!
    The dress is darling - (i do wish I could sew better)- and that table topper is beautiful! Definitely something for Etsy!!!

    Congratulations on the violin find. Isn't it wonderful when the Lord blesses us with deals like that? Can I ask...What is a VSO?

    I hope you have a very blessed July!


  4. VSO -- Violin Shaped Object :)

  5. Hi Sally,
    Another great month! Love the table topped - a real work of art. And Betsy's dress turned out so cute! Great job! Sorry but PB&M sounds disgusting, but if that's what Andy wants on his vacation -- he certainly can have at it. Is this split personality hereditary from her/his daddy? lol And I've never heard of Time Changer before, is that a movie?

  6. I enjoyed your month in review! Lots of good stuff going on in June! Love the table topper. I've never seen one like that.


  7. Love the table topper & dress. I am so glad I was able to stop by and see your month in review befoer we leave all technology for 4 days!!! And this is my most favorite post of all! I am going to try to do one as soon as I get a battery for my camera. I am still borrowing my son's video camera which does not take very good still shots, but it is better than none at all. Actually, I may be stuck with it for quite awhile. Maybe until next year's tax return!

  8. Ahhhhh - LOL
    Yeah...I think we have one of those. :-(

  9. Hi Sally~

    Well done! to Alison on her table topper!!!! It looks so summery and cheery - fantastic!!!

    Oh, your hike brought back so many memories - I just love the mountains and forests of northern Arizona. I was right there with you while I was reading. :)

    Loved the new play outfit - too cute!! Great job, both of you. And yer cowboy is awful cute, too. :)

    Yep, tv is brain-deadening all right. We've drastically reduced our watching time, but some weeks we do watch a little more than others. Still, I prefer it off. :)

    So good catching up with you! Have a lovely holiday weekend, and safe travels to you in the coming weeks. :) Will you be coming my way?

  10. No, Shani, sorry. We are not going that far east! Would be so much fun, though. You could show us the Windy City.
    I like your new avatar!

  11. lol I always love the month in reveiws! Well done Alison, that does look like a lot of work! And I love your dress Elisabeth!

    So how do you get videos on from photobucket? I think I know the copying and pasting part. But what do you click at Plugins?


  12. Hi Amber,
    Thank you for your nice comment. :)
    There is not a plug-in for Photobucket here yet, but you can email the tech people and ask them to add one. Looking sooo forward to seeing you (in real life, lol).


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