Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TV Is a Drug

There has been some discussion at Sharity's about the woes of having a TV.  We are TV free, or rather, we used to be before YouTube.  My kids are addicted to Leave It to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show.   Could definitely be worse, I know, but I feel like we are brain dead.



  1. Interesting. We do not have cable or a dish...nor do the kids watch you tube shows. But we love movies and watch them as a family. We use to have a dish and thousands of channels...we are better with out it. We limit screen time ( computer) for more creative ventures. Mind you we have 5 computers in the living area...for school. I think teaching self control, moderation and balance is vital. If you put your kids in front of the tube as a babysitter ( I have seen parents with kids under one doing this from the playpen), Use tv as a boredom breaker, or allow your kids to surf tv then yep its a drug.

  2. Ouch Sally. I have fought (respectfully) for the amount of TV we now have. We have no cable or dish, but we do have Netflix instant viewing. That's how we got hooked on Leave it to Beaver & Little House. (wink) You guys are probably in your TV watchign mode because the weather is so hot, right? I mean, here in the dead of winter when we can't go outside, the TV is watching a lot more. I think it goes in spurts with us and it depends on the weather or rather the humidity! We are going camping this weekend and there will be zero screens. I can't wait. If it were up to me, I'd live that way. But it is not, so I try to set limits. Honestly, those are hard to live by at times. I have often wanted to try the TV free week I hear about each year. I think we'd have to put the set in my husband's Jeep to keep us totally honest! Good post.

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