Sunday, June 20, 2010

In the Sweet By and By

The girls did a little bit of special music for church tonight, at their dad's request.  Since it is Father's Day, they could hardly refuse. :)  Amy is just learning the violin now -- hooray, now we have a quartet!  But she would really rather play the viola.  Anyone want to give away a full sized viola? :D



  1. AMEN!! What a blessing that was. Could there be a better Father's Day gift?

  2. Beautiful, Sally. I'm going to have my youngest come and see your youngest play; I still have their harmony in my head--what a blessing!

  3. That sounded wonderful ! What a GREAT Father's Day gift. [0=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

    PS: how did you figure out how to put a vido on your blog. I can't seem to do it. ((sigh))

  4. Your girls are so talented and resourceful!
    I'm sure their dad is so proud of them :-).
    ...Oh, and you, too!

  5. I am not sure how I missed this! It is very lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us, too.

  6. That is SO amazing! Your girls are so talented and blessed! If I were their mama I would find it hard to do school - I'd want them to 'play' for me all day! ;-)

  7. I do! :D I am going to miss this when they are all grown and gone!!


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