Friday, June 18, 2010

Project #5 -- Finished!

Projects 1-3 were clothing items for children No.'s 3 and 4.  I'll show picks of them in due time, but right now I am more excited about this one.  My old, cheapo ironing board cover was rust stained, chocolate stained, ripped, and even CUT, plus it was not made big enough to hang on to the ironing board in the first place.  A good, deep dig in the scrap box revealed a wild tropical print which my modest children could not fathom WEARING in ANY way, ever, not even when they are in their sixties and 60 lbs overweight and in desperate need of a colorful muumuu.  I can't understand this lack of prudence on their part.  The wild stuff was cut up for a new ironing board cover.  I also cut an old mattress pad to add in there for more padding.  That stuff is great for emergency batting!



See how well it camouflages my scissors?  Great.  I will be spending even more time looking for them. And the pins, and etc. :) Wild as it is, this is a huge improvement, don't you think?

And hey, look how effective that reflective tape is on Alie's backpack.  The "a" is another project.  More about that later!

She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.
Proverbs 31:13


  1. Much better! I think it's wonderful. I know I would smile everytime I set it up - it's very cheery!


  2. Wow, great job!! It seems like all those ironing board covers in the stores are really wild or checked, it's almost hard to find one that doesn't make ya dizzy. That one is pretty, and yes, cheery. So, who was ironing chocolate? You definitely were in need of a new cover. Perhaps with the leftover fabric you can make yourself a mumu And yes, I see the "a", how cute. Is that made from the same fabric? It turned our real nice! Not every girl has a monogramed Land's End backpack.

  3. No one was ironing chocolate, I'm sure. More likely someone was wiping their hands, and I'll give you one guess which child. (I only have one age six or under, lol.) And, no muumuu for me. (I am just as vain and imprudent as my girls are.) No, the A is not made from the same fabric, but it sure does looks that way, doesn't it?! I'll have to post a better photo of it. Busy day here. Newsletter not any closer to finished than it was last night!

  4. Beautiful job. But, I think you may want to paint your scissors a contrasting color. They do blend in. Or, maybe tie a ribbon on them? Did you put a batting under? I am going to make an apron all on my own as my next project. I will do one a little less frilly though, so I won't have to worry about ruffles.
    Can't wait to see your other projects. What inspired you all to be so productive?

  5. With three girls interested in sewing, there is always something in the works here! I have a nice stock of freebie fabrics, zippers, buttons, etc. It's nice to be at the point where I don't have to buy fabric every time we want to make something, at least not the crafty stuff.

    For the scissors, Jenn, I am thinking maybe a large jingle bell would make a better choice. Then they would "ring" whenever I was digging through the piles on my sewing table for them. :D Yes on the batting, an old mattress pad. Plus I left the old padding that was under there to begin with.

    I can't wait to see the next apron! Good for you, taking the plunge and wiping your hands on your pretty new one. There are some great apron sites online, like Not sure if you can get free patterns, but have I seen some really cute ones!

  6. I am so blessed that my husband's grandma had several good pairs of scissors, so when I misplace one, there is usually another still in the sewing table drawer, unless Grace is on the scene. My grandma is bringing me a sewing basket she bought at an estate sale. I can't wait to see what goodies are contained within. As for a fabric stash, we are in need of finding a supply of cheap material. I am going to JoAnn's so find a remnant for my apron. I have an older pattern that I want to use, also a garage sale find.

  7. Jenn, do you use I had some fabric, but when I posted a "wanted" ad there for quilting/craft supplies I hit the jackpot. It was such a blessing. This lady was down-sizing, and getting rid of years' worth of beautifully pressed and folded cotton prints, and much more. She was delighted to give them to someone who would use them!

  8. I, of course, am a huge fan of your funky new ironing board cover. If only it could make a person want to iron.


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