Friday, May 23, 2008

Western Arizona Container Gardening

Cherry Tomato Has-Been

Geranium Has-Been

Bell Pepper Has-Been


On second thought, it's one way to make roasted vegetables...


  1. That looks what like what I do with my plants, which is why I don't garden. :)


  2. you're supposed to water them!


  3. Hmmmm . . .those pictures look eerily familiar! Like something on my own back porch! LOL It's really, really hard to do any kind of container gardening here in AZ. The only thing I've found that works is to get a HUGE container (like a half barrel size) that has NO water holes at the bottom and water the thing every day!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    God bless you ~ Julie

  4. Roasted vegetables, very cute :) It's amazing what they grow over here (average temp is 70's) that fry in the desert. I couldn't keep anything alive there either. Here geraniums grow wild in ppls backyards. They do have to water though lol.

    Ron Paul: yep I've thought that same thing, but he may be the only one WORTH a vote.... I'm sure he knows the risk for speaking out... God bless him.

    LOTR: We've [kids and I] also been purging out household after reading the x-witch story a few weeks ago, not sure if you saw the lot I had on eBay. I've had a post in draft for weeks on the article I shared w/ Jacque and a few other LOTR fan families. Curufinwe posted the link a couple weeks ago with a couple negative comments about it and the kids have been slowly changing their blog themes.

  5. Oops that was me above


  6. They didn't take it too hard, after reasoning with them about it (and praying). Who do you believe, the x-cultist who escapes and tells the story or the product/cult's promotional materials??? I guess that has been how I try to have them look at most things now, aren't I SO pessimistic? My DH says so :P lol Seems like a no-brainer, but we did pray and they all agreed Scripture says we shouldn't be thinking about these things.

    Narnia is a bit harder, but the faun, and 1/2 beast/human things were all easy to find what they were, so knowledge is key. Now to take away the chatting w/ 17 yr old girls and army games for the boys... :P

  7. That is so funny. Good try.


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