Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Teen Follows Her Conscience

It is always a HUGE blessing to me when  young person does what is right, not when  their parents told them they had to, but when they choose to of their own volition.  I have seen a few examples of that here at HSB, most recently at Jocelyn Dixon's blog. Those of you who know Jocelyn know that she is (was) a HUGE fan of "Lord of the Rings".  But when she read  this article and this article, written by a former witch turned Christian, Jocelyn knew in her heart that LOTR is NOT of God, and has no place in the life or heart of a Christian.  Go read her post.  She did an excellent job.

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  1. Hello there... thanks for your comment and your post. I thank you for your encouragement. It doesn't look like there will be too much of it, but that's not my problem and God can handle anything I let Him!

    And yes, I was quoting the former-witch, and I'm not sure about the apostles and gods. I looked on google but nothing came up. Where would I find out?




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