Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MOM Exercise Challenge and other stuff

Late as usual. Really late. Two weeks and a day late. But I'm here! I am surviving my new morning walking routine quite well, even benefiting from it. What's nice is that the benefits of walking are greater than just physical.  Most days I have a walking partner, either my DH or Alizona.  It is with us as my dad pointed out to me recently; we actually talk to each other during this half-hour, which is something we would not do if we were at home just doing our own thing. It has been a blessing to have personal time with both of them. That is something that is difficult to do in a house full of people, even though we are together all the time.

So. The progress report.  Well, I am up to two miles a day, actually rolling out of bed early to get it done before the sun is too hot. (That translates to getting out the door before 6:30 a.m.)  I have lost a few pounds, but that may be due to a bathroom scale that is very prone to fluctuation. It doesn't matter; I feel better for it.

How are the rest of you doing?  Leave a comment.  I know Kristy is doing great, but that is because I know her IRL. I have been weaning myself away from the computer and the blogging community lately, and have not been keeping up with the rest of you.

If you are interested in joining us moms of many on this challenge to get a bit of activity in our days, head over to Becca Beard's and sign up!

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  1. My feet hurt! LOL.. Acutally I think I am coming down with something. Ugh.. Hmmm.. Do I have someone to blame for that?????? Ok, maybe, maybe not. :)



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