Saturday, May 24, 2008

Summer Science

We were blessed to be able to borrow two microscopes from our local high school for the summer, a dissecting scope and a slide scope.  My online search for a lending library where we might find some prepared slides was not successful, but I did find this:

The Biology Education Advancement Program (BioLEAP), a program of the National Anti-Vivisection Society, is "an extensive library of state-of-the-art dissection alternatives that are available on a FREE loan basis to students, teachers, school boards and others interested in advancing science education". 

Did you see that?  FREE!!  I love free stuff.  If I understand it right, when you borrow these items, you pay only the return shipping. NAVS takes your credit card number so that they can charge you a late fee if you don't get your loan items back promptly.

"NAVS’ (National Anti-Vivisection Society) comprehensive library of alternatives includes dozens of high-relief, three dimensional plastic models, computer software programs, color transparencies, videotapes and other materials that teach fundamental scientific principles to students from elementary through the post-graduate level without sacrificing animals in the process.  A wide range of species are included in the library, from invertebrates to frogs, starfish, perch, shark, rats, cats, fetal pig and humans." 

So.  I didn't find slides.  But I think I found a source for some other great science materials.  Anyone know where I can find slides already made? Cheap? I want a paramecium, allium root mitosis, blood cells, etc. the usual high school stuff.

I think I'll share this at Weblink Wednesday.  For more great links, see Val.


  1. That's really neat. I like that better than hands on here. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Happy Weblink Wednesday! Thanks for participating today. My hand is real sore after my crazy trouble with it on Monday, so I'm taking my time and copy/paste all the links provided today and looking at them a little later. In fact, I copied/pasted this greeting to those who have participated in Weblink Wednesday today. Sorry about that. Anyway, I am always appreciative of new links shared - thank you! I will add them to this coming week...


  3. Thanks for the link!



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