Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Little Creative Outlet

Right up front, here is your warning.  I am on a ramble. I really have nothing to say today, but I need to air some thoughts that are getting all tangled up in my brain. You will find nothing interesting here, so just click on one of my friends or links and go visit someone else.  I'm waiting... You're leaving, right? Okay, thank you.

Supper tonight.  Man at office.  Kids don't want cereal, so it's left over spaghetti or else left over roast and potatoes.  Better get started.

Iron Pastor's shirt for tomorrow.
Bathe kids and braid hair. 
Make list for trip next week.
Grocery list for trip.
Walmart for Father's Day project.
Prescription refill.
Mop floors.
Curriculum purchase list for next year.
Things to do list for the coming week. Wait.  That's what this is.
Look at SS lesson for tomorrow. Find mnemonic device for lesson.
Get Alison to sew her dress.
Pay Kristy for bagels.
Clean bathroom.

Bake more chocolate chip cookies to feed my habit.

I'm still walking two miles a day.  The fact that I have lost neither an ounce or a millimeter in six, no, SEVEN! weeks,  is very discouraging (that has nothing to do with aforementioned habit!), and so is this fluid in my legs.  The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that my dear husband is really, REALLY pleased that I am doing something active.  (He is an avid cyclist.  I'll never be THAT active.)

And, yesterday I did a really Big Thing.  I allowed my two oldest girls, 13 and 11, to walk to the library and back together, without me.  It's only 1/2 mile away, but we stick out like a sore thumb in this town, and I just don't want anyone accosting them about the way they dress, the fact that we homeschool, the fact they are alone, or anything else.  It was a major letting-go type thing!  Some of you think I am crazy because you allowed your five year old to get on the school bus, and others of you think I am crazy because I allowed them out of the house without supervision. Truly I did feel like I just put my little kids on the bus, and I even got a little tear in my eye when they walked out the door. They, on the other hand, were ecstatic with their newfound freedom.  Now Alizona wants to go to the library every day, of course, and do her school there. LOL!  No way.  Sorry, kids.  Once in a lifetime is all you get.
Silly me, I know. But I still don't think you can shelter kids too much in this nutso world today.  Well, they might talk me into it again sometime.  Maybe when they are twenty-one. Or thirty.

My four year old, Emily, wrote a story this week, complete with photo illustration:
"I once was a litl girl. And a lian came. The lian went ror! The end."
Looks like I have another writer.

More rambles.  The family room has been a sore spot with all of us of late, and it takes too much energy, and time, and organizational skill to clean it. 
And besides, "That's not my stuff."  Some of you know how that is.  So, bless her little pointed head, Amy took on the "school" cabinet, which was a disaster, and put it all in order.  Then she took on her own desk area, which was a bigger disaster, and got that nicely cleaned up and organized, AND she cleaned up a cabinet that contains all our photo albums and a bunch of other stuff.  I know now that she is not my child, because she said, "Mom! Organizing is FUN!"  I don't know where she came from.  Must have switched her at the hospital.

Amy's cleaning was contagious.  Elisabeth tackled her totally hopeless bedroom and almost finished it.  Alison sorted and organized all the books in the dining room, where we have a built-in china hutch turned very full bookshelf. 

Amy just finished her school work for the year, but she is ready for school to start up again. Now that the house is "clean" (it really has a long way to go), there is "nothing to do"! LOL!  Alas, poor kid, I have not ordered her stuff for next year yet.

Last of all, I was really disappointed I got outbid by 50¢ this afternoon on a box of prepared microscope slides on eBay. I really wanted those things.  Too bad I'm such a cheapskate.

I think I am done rambling now.  If you're still here, thank you for listening. Have a nice weekend.


  1. I like reading ramblings, it makes me feel like I'm not the only one who rambles.

    I know what you mean about letting you children go. We had a big letting go thing this week with Sarah. It turned out great, and we will do it again, but it's so very hard at the time. It probably will be, for me, hard for a while.

    It's great that everyone started organizing things, what a blessing. And I try and walk 4 days a week. I don't know that I'm loosing weight or anything, but it makes me feel good. And it loosens up my shoulder that I've had issues with. So even if it doesn't seem like its doing a lot, I'm sure you feel better just moving.

    OK, now I've rambled on your blog, sorry. I hope you have a great weekend. :)


  2. Loved the ramblings! Lists are a good thing. I have lists for my lists! Sounds like a lot got accomplished.

    Hooray for your level of activity, even if you aren't seeing numbers changing right now. You're improving the body God's given you from the inside out!


  3. Hold on a sec I just got back friday you'll have to give me a few days to get my thoughts under control

    Dont worry I'll post about it later

  4. I love your little one's story! I have a just-turned 5 year old and she has some doosies too, LOL. Being a mommy is a blessing.

    As for "rambling", we all do it and truthfully, it's very entertaining to read ones rambling. :-)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Complete in Him,


  5. Keep walking, the results are just around the corner.

  6. Oh no, I don't think you are being too protective. Now, if your children are scared of their own shadows, then there may be a problem, lol, but in this day and age we have to do what we feel comfortable with. Glad to see they went alone, even more glad they got home safely. Pshew! It's not easy being a mom!! LOL!!

    Have a lovely week!


  7. Sorry about the slides! Yuck! As for the organizing, you know I support that habit!!! And about the library, I am shocked and amazed. I don't know if I could ever do it... You're brave.

  8. Let's see, a half mile would be to the end of our road - that means I can't see them - no way! I'd be following behind in the car. lol Amber & Anna think it's a big deal when I let them go a few rows away in Walmart to pick up something I forgot. Oh, I take that back, I did let Amber go with friends a couple of weeks ago when we did the garage sale, they walked to another garage sale probably 1/2 mile away (3 or 4 girls). It almost killed me.

    I like short stories. Nothing I say is short. :)

    Glad to hear you are organized and ready for my visit.

    Sorry to hear about the out-bid. That's why I don't buy on ebay, I get so disappointed when I don't win.

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