Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tasty Cough Remedy

I have a diseased child. She is covered head to toe with hives and another, different sort of rash, and has a tremendous cough that is trying to bring her heart right out of her little body, poor kid.  To top it all off, she is allergic to Rondec DM, and now Robitussin DM, as we just found out.  I assume the culprit is the dextromethorphan (DM), but I thought I gave her the Robitussin just a few months ago, with no side effects...? 

Anyway, last night, with a bit of help from Becca, I did some research on a home remedy for coughing.  Can you believe this?  Grape juice.  How easy!  Nothing to extract, boil, pulverize, etc.  I poured Emily a cup, warmed it up a tad, and added a bit of honey to it.  That was about two hours ago, and we have not heard a cough since!  Will keep you posted... if this works, it is a God-send.  I'm sure God gave us everything we would need when he made the world, anyway.


  1. Sorry you have a sick one but happy to know you found something that will help her.


  2. Wow! What a great thing to learn! My littlest was just diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday, and can't have cough medicines, either. I hope your daughter recovers soon!

  3. We have two "tried and true' remedies for cough here...

    One is grape juice ( and it's so funny because my kids do NOT like it...they would rather take nasty medicine than drink a glass of grape juice - LOL!)


    the other is Vicks Vapor Rub - applied to the soles of your feet at night before bed. (Seriously...this works SO well for my kids!)

    Hope your little one is feeling better!


  4. Ohhhh yes, do keep me posted on this one. We LOVE Welch's Grape Juice and buy it on occassion as a treat. Amber had a bit of a cough this morning, if it works, we will definitely use that - I never buy cough medicine otherwise. I wonder how it would do on asthma?

  5. We have used the "yellow" Triaminic for years, which is effective, but the kids hate it. I switched to the "purple", not quite as effective, but easier on their palates. They love grape juice, and the added honey might make them fake a cough, you know? (smile)

  6. The Grape Juice coughing cure. YOu can bet I'm going to try that next time I can't stop coughing.

    And...I did NOT scroll down and look at the pictures below because it looked like sun and water pics, and our sun and water went away. Well, the sun went away and the water returned in the form of RAIN. AGAIN.

    Anyway, YOU go to the head of the grocery line, Sally. The Hawaii doesn't matter. The steel ball doesn't matter. The height doesn't matter. The weight of the ball doesn't matter--much. As in ALL story-type problems, the IQ people figure out what info is important and what's not. The only important fact is that the water (which the ball is going into) is either 20 degrees or 40 degrees. Nothing else matters. The 40 degrees is, of course, correct, as at 20 degrees the water would be frozen and the steel ball goes nowhere.

  7. I've never heard of that one, but I will have to try it sometime. :)


  8. wow that is good to know! poor kid :( I hope she feels better soon.

    To answer your Q: no I didn't play at all :( I didn't really have anything worth $50 to do before May 22nd LOL. I love yours though!


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