Friday, October 31, 2008

Booklover's Been Playing Again

My daughter, Amy, has been filling her off-school days with reading the Redwall series and digital scrapbooking.  We don't do much with scrapbooking, but the graphics are great fun!  She also loves to take photos -- should have had her do these, rather than the mom, who can't take a picture without getting shadows in bad places. Graphics from Shabby Princess. That's Booklover, in the lower left corner. For the record, she is my SECOND oldest.


  1. Mighty pretty girls you have there!

    I'll read your other posts later - I'm exhausted (not sure why). And it's only 7:37 pm - and when I set the clock back, it will be only 6:37. augh!

  2. Great photos! I have not scrapbooked either, but I would like to do a digital album sometime.

    Hope you are all feeling better soon.



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