Saturday, October 18, 2008

Declutterization Update

Thanks, ladies, for your suggestions.  Can we call my decluttering a purge?  That would make me feel better.  I don't just  want it picked up -- I want to GET RID OF THIS JUNK.  Most of our clutter really is trash, with the exception of outgrown clothes.  As for donating the clutter to a charity, no one would want it.  It's that kind of clutter.  Thinking that I should first start with my OWN clutter, I tackled my dresser this morning.  My dresser is really an old dining room buffet with three big drawers, two small drawers, and two cabinets with doors.  I have sorted through my Tshirts, sweaters, and underthings, and through a bit of my personal, "special", hidden-in-my-panty-drawer kind of stuff. Now I'm down to the last cabinet, which is chock full of notes, cards, letters, and drawings from my kids, totally unorganized and not dated. If I can figure out who did what, I'll sort those into file folders.  This is the kind of decluttering/purging the results of which are invisible, but I'm making a teeny bit of progress... Next I will tackle the sewing table so Alizona can finish a dress she started ages ago.  I'll have to do before and after shots of that one.  Okay, back to work now.

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  1. Busy purging ha? Usually I pick the worst times to start doing that - like when I'm going to have a house full of company coming the next day - THEN I start cleaning out a closet that no one will ever see. So I take everything out of the closet, and the room is a mess. It takes several hours, but the closet looks fantastic - THEN I frantically clean the rest of the house that people will see.


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