Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Cut a Mango -- Photo Tutorial

I am editing this entry to post a bit of information on mangoes.  Mangoes are considered the world over as "the king of fruit," and for good reason!  They are so good, and good for you.  A ripe mango is slightly soft to the touch and will yield to gentle pressure. At the stem end, it has a full, fruity fragrance.   Also, the skin of a ripe mango will separate easily from the flesh. Don't depend on the mango's color to determine its ripeness. If you have ever tried mango and you didn't like it, the fruit was either not ripe enough, or it was overripe.  I can't imagine anyone NOT liking mango!

Mangoes are a comfort food.  They are good for the digestive system, high in dietary fiber, low in calories, full of Vitamins A and C, and a good source of potassium and beta carotene.

If you can keep them long enough to cook with them (I can't -- we love them the way God made them!), mangoes are very versatile.  They can go into smoothies, breads, cakes, chutney, salsa, salads, and even omelets!  Try  this recipe site for some ideas.



  1. Was that dinner too?


  2. Our Bible Study leader has a massive mango tree. She kept giving all her mangoes away because she didn't know how to cut them. So a few weeks ago I showed her and all the other ladies - same method as yours. My children ask me for 'hedgehogs' all the time. They love those turned inside out rounds of mango chunks :-)

    Mangoes are so versatile. I made desserts and even chutney with them but the season is over now.

  3. Ok, you'll think I'm a dork, but this is really cool. I just learned how to do and avacado last month! We have A LOT of guacamole now!!! he he he I'm the only one to eat it!!!

    Mangos, on the other hand.... My youngest and I will love it!!!

    ((((HUGS))) to you!


  4. Wow, I didn't know there was an art to cutting mangos. I tried one once, but didn't like it - but than again, I don't know how to tell a ripe one, so it probably wasn't a prime candidate. I need you to come up here and show me how to identify what's good in mangos & avacados and the like.


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