Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Superhero's BooBoo


My DH, known around here as superhero Pete Falcon (not the Marvel Comic -- we didn't even know about him!) tried to do a trick while he was walking quickly, and attempted to step up and over a 2' brick wall.  As you will see, he missed. Poor Pete. This is the wound on his shin, two weeks after the fact.  We thought he just had a bloody scrape.  After several days it was badly infected, so off to Urgent Care we went.  He had to have the "scrape" debrided.  "Debrided" is one of my new vocabulary words, and it means that they scrubbed all the gunk and dead flesh out of the hole -- they un-debris'ed it., right? Same root word?  (Thank you, Carol!) "Avulsion" is my other new word, which is how you describe this sort of a wound. It's easy to remember because it sounds like "revulsion", which is what my DH's reaction is to seeing his own wound. The dark part in the center is dried blood, of course, and you can be thankful it is there.  The scene prior to this one shows the fat layer under the skin. Before that, the fat also was missing, so he was down to severely bruised muscle tissue. You wouldn't want to see that. The amazing thing about this is that Captain Falcon was wearing long pants when this happened!!!  I don't think he'd have a leg left if he had hit that block wall with his skin. Modesty pays off!

Now, Pete Falcon is a man who is hard to keep down, but this did it.  This fall was his Kryptonite.  But  take heart!  Pete Falcon is gaining strength! He has been chomping at the bit, wishing to get moving again.  God has given him a great measure of grace, and Pete has been a wonderful patient.  As you  can see , it will be a while before he is back on his bike.  (You know how that is when your pedal comes up and whams you in the shin... we don't want that to happen.) 
Until he flies again ~ 


  1. That looks pretty bad still. I am so glad you had a doctor look at that, otherwise I would be concerned about the need to amputate and give you a wooden leg. Have your wife update later if you are able to ever walk again. I am good with the saw, and give discounts to AZ residents if the need arises.

  2. Yeah, not pretty but makes a great story ;-)

    Get better soon!!!

  3. Man OH Man that's going to leave a scar!!! I guess scars are Gods way of reminding us to Be More Careful!! Thank God he still has a leg to preach on! Lynn Marie

  4. Ohhhhhh, that had to hurt. Glad it didn't sever a muscle or something. Glad it's getting better, but looks like it will be a while.

  5. The poor guy! I have to say though, that this isn't an avulsion. An avulsion is when a hunk of skin comes lose but is still attached at one end. This one is an abrasion. Just to add depth to your medical terminology! Abrasion is a bad scrape.

    I hope he was able to preach without having to head to the toilet. If you can get ahold of some kefir, that will help to reestablish normal good biotics in his system again.

    Hugs and prayers,



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