Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Month in Review

For the past few weeks we have been taking a break from school to enjoy the nice fall weather here in the desert.  As it so happens, the weather has not really cooperated with us until just this week, but we have had some nice time off anyway. I can tell when the break time is over by the number of times I hear, "I'm bored," and we'll be back to the grind soon.  Maybe tomorrow.

Here is our month in pictures:

We celebrated another birthday:

Went to the zoo:

Climbed a mountain pass
(that's our house down there in the valley, waaaay in the distance):

Did some art:

Found a gold mine:

Played "Button Baptist Church":

Made a day-trip to Mexico
(I forgot to take pics over the border.  Here are some cotton bales on the way):

Blessed the house of God:

Watched a cooking class (more on that at Alizona's):

AND, we even got in some socialization!


  1. Cool review of your month. Okay, I don't see your house, can you point it out? What a neat picture - so unlike MN cornfields. Love the mountains! And I love the Button Baptist Church (BBC). We do that around here too - the girls have some sort of game set up in the parlor, but only 1 person, the rest are wooden block people - I can't tell the road from the people. lol or are those cars?

  2. Wow - You've been busy! ( But it looks like you've been having a great time.) Happy belated birthday to your daughter. She is just too cute (and my girls LOVE their tea sets, too!)




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