Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not Homeschool-Challenged Anymore

It's amazing what a difference twenty-four hours can make in the life of a homeschooler, isn't it? After our initial few moments of Mom laying down the law, we had a good day today. Hooray!  Thank you, Lord!  (In Carrotlover's own words, "In math, after I cry and wail and scream a while, it's a lot better.")

Booklover is another one of my math lovers. She occasionally has trouble grasping a new concept, and when that happens, we put the curriculum on hold. Sometimes a math concept just has to be described or explained in different language.  I search my trusty Internet for a solution, and usually I can find one.  A couple of years ago Booklover was having an absolute conniption fit really struggling with two and three-digit division, and we found the answer right here.  The new method, called double division, worked like a dream. Later she was able to do three-digit division the normal way with no problem.

At the end of our first quarter this year, Booklover got into integers.  Subtracting negative integers just did not make sense to her. Again, she had a big huge conniption fit really struggled, so we shelved the math book and went to the Internet.  The solution was  What a great site!  For FREE, I could print pages and pages of practice problems on integer addition or subtraction, or a combination of the two, or on any other essential math skills. (And keys, too!!)  After using the worksheets for several days Booklover just about had integers mastered.  And then we took a break.  Bad idea.  She forgot it all.  This week we are back to the worksheets. But it's coming back to her now, and soon we will return to our beloved Teaching Textbooks. (No, there is nothing at all wrong with TT.  It is still wonderful great.  I just have one of those kids that likes to make life interesting.)

Once again, I am so thankful we are schooling at home. Nowhere else could we just set the curriculum aside for a while.  After all, the goal is not to finish the book -- the goal is to learn the material! (Wait. Didn't I just tell you yesterday that I don't know how to set goals? I did it!!)

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  1. Glad it's going better now - that was quick. :) Cute smilie.


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