Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Do So Work. See?

Booklover met a girl at the local McDonalds the other day.  The other girl asked Booklover where she goes to school, and of course, Booklover replied that she homeschools.  To my gratifaction, the other girl said, "Oh, you are soooo lucky!!!"   That is the sort of thing that does good to the heart of a homeschooling mom.  If all those ps kids that Booklover meets said things like, "Oh, I feel sorry for you," or "Ew! I couldn't STAND to be home all day," then my daughter might begin to feel like she is being denied the better things in life. (But we know she isn't.)  Booklover said, "Mom, They probably think homeschooling means we don't have to do any school work!"  Well, just so that you can see we DO work here, I am posting this photo as evidence.

See?  We do study.  Here the girls are avidly studying one of the planets.  Or is it a bug on the wall? Or maybe they are noticing the effects of thumbtacks on pre-fab walls.  Well, I don't know what they are looking at, but it sure looks like studying to me!


  1. I want a big family room like yours to put all my stuff up for Brandon. I have it all in our bedroom, and I am running out of wall space. Sigh.. Maybe our next house will have at least an extra bedroom that I can use as his school room.


  2. Ha Ha! You know, we have similar things on our window. They are top to bottom though and The Baby keeps pulling Pluto off. We figure that just tells us where the kid stands on the "Is Pluto a planet" question. :-D

    A lot of parents at ballet are starting to tell me that we are lucky we homeschool. I'm not sure if we'll start a trend or not though.

  3. I love that picture! Nice room you have set up there for your academic studies! Besides that, I know your girls are learning wonderful things even if it is not seat work!

  4. If that was at our house, it would just be an excuse to climb on the furniture. I like how you make sure everybody wears matching shirt colors for the pictures. lol

  5. I thought maybe they were hanging the planets.



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