Wednesday, September 3, 2008

COH and Stuff

Hey everyone! The Carnival of Homeschooling is up, this week's theme being the labors of the homeschooler.  (In case you haven't noticed, and in case I blow it off and forget to post a reminder, like I did last week, The CoH is posted each Tuesday.)  Just click on the link on my Carnivals widget.  My, there is such a wealth of information out there, isn't there?  Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming.  I go through phases where I covet a copy of every smart thing I read, thereby trashing my desktop and my My Documents folder... and then there are times like now, when I think, you know, I was getting along just fine without all that information, with just the Lord guiding us.  It was a lot easier and there was a lot less guilt, lol. And I spent more time with my family! That is  one reason why I have avoided some of the more popular hang-outs, such as the Homeschool Lounge.  I haven't been to this Carnival yet, but I'm planning to go.  Soon.  Just in case someone has contributed a good laugh. 

Not much school news around here...

Booklover did a huge non-interlocking world map puzzle just for fun and accidentally learned a whole bunch of geography...

Alizona has decided she wants to learn Morse Code so she and her sister can communicate after "lights out"...

Carrotlover actually did an entire history/geography lesson ALL BY HERSELF yesterday, with a GOOD ATTITUDE   (The crowd roars!)

...and Emily, who is four, wants to know if she is old enough to wear deodorant. lol.

We had an excellent illustration this morning, a purely homeschool type of lesson, in which, after Booklover vomited up the entire undigested contents of a can of mushrooms on her bedroom carpet, we learned that it is a good idea  to actually chew one's food, and not to merely inhale consume it. *rolls eyes*

Also in the news, I allowed Alizona to ride her bike 1/2 mile to the library today, to work on her book in a less distracting environment, under the condition that she be back in the house in ONE HOUR.  It is just way too scary for me. I am still getting over it. 

 I'm getting ready to send my dear husband on an overnight trip to Kansas next week so he can have lunch at a great rib place with our pastor. Sounds like a pricey lunch, don't you think?  This 98% male customer rib joint is a little hole in the wall, disguised as sort of an antique shop.  The eating area is not even visible from the entry, very strange.  It's one of Wichita's best kept secrets. To assure you that his desire to go there is not entirely carnal, my husband will be preaching the mid-week service at our old church.  He will arrive  in Wichita in the afternoon, preach that night, eat ribs for lunch with Pastor the next day, then immediately board his return flight so that he can get home in time to pick up his family and preach at his own church that evening.  Wow, he is joining the jet-set, isn't he?  His round trip to the airport and back will take longer than his flight to Kansas. LOL! 

Alizona and I watched a man and woman training their dogs early this morning.  They were working on getting one dog to sit up from a lying down position, and it was quite comical.  The woman would give the signal and the verbal command, and the guy, who was holding the dog's leash, would give a yank on the dog's collar.  The dog eventually figured out that if he would get up quickly, he wouldn't be strangled.  Success!  The woman was so excited!  She and the dog had a party! They repeated the routine a dozen times, and the dog had it down. Whoo-hoo!  Then the lady backs up from him about 20 feet and repeats the command.  ...Nothing.  The dog stays on the ground. Yank. Slowly gets up. Okay, back down.  ...UP! Dog merely looks at trainer.  Yank! Gets up a little bit faster, but not exactly obedient.  This is repeated several times.  Alison asks me why doesn't the dog know what the trainer wants him to do, when he just did it about 12 times?  I told her I don't know, but it's a lot like training kids.  lol.  Am I wrong?

Have a great week weekend, everyone. Looks like Thursday snuck up on me! (How DOES that happen?!)


  1. Thanks for letting us know about the COH!

    (Now if I can just find a little time for reading...)

  2. You know, I do think that is one of your lengthier posts. :) I will doubtless forget something important I was going to comment on.

    LOL to Emily wanting deoderant!! Too cute - what brought that on, or do I not want to know?

    I contend that children are easier to train than dogs; they will eventually speak the same language as me.

    You are from Kansas? And you live in the high desert now?? How did that happen? How long have you been here? Yep, nosy today. LOL

    All right... only have a few more minutes to play before I need to go start dinner. Stir Fry and brown rice for dinner, with brownies for desert (I couldn't resist)... can you tell I'm hungry? LOL

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Hi, I looked at the link you left on your comment from Kim Kommando's blog about 3ding photos. Looked really cool but I dare not download or upload anything w/o hubbies say-so. I am curious as to what they look like though.

    So your husband is gettin to have some real BBQ, yum sounds good, I just hate it that he's having to go all the way to Kansas to eat it, LOL.

    Speaking of training dogs versus training children, this is one of those days that I think I would have rather trained dogs. Last night Samuel (4 years) was being silly and fell into the coffeee table causing us a trip to the emergency room and tonite the seven year old was trying to hit her sister with the seat belt in the car and plasterred herself in the face with it causing a large gooseegg to come up on her forehead (that may be one lesson she did learn).

    It's been one of those days :-).

    Blessings, Julie

  4. I think that's a great reason to learn Morse Code. Maybe I'll mention it to The Artist.

    This post is so "funny" in the sense that it mirrors a few things in my life. I feel really burned out researching RBL right now. Being an RBL myself I feel that the time for study is over and the time for action is upon us. Enough reading already and let's get busy. hehe. But I am going to finish The Edison Trait, though as I read it today while waiting in the 100 degree heat for The Artist at Ballet, I thought I'd skip all the descriptions and just go for the advice at the end of the book.

    The other odd mirror is that my dh will also be going out of town next week. He'll be gone all week though. :-( All four kids on my own. How do you do it? I had originally planned to do everything we normally do. Then I woke up from that ridiculous dream. lol. Does your dh bring you back some ribs?

  5. Sounds like learning is happening at your house - in very conventional ways - but I like it!!!

    The BBQ place that Pastor is going too - sounds pretty shady to me. lol

    Speaking of dog training, we saw a little Animal Planet while on vacation, there was a show from the UK where this animial trainer comes to help families where the wife, primarily, has allowed the dog(s) to rule the roost, even to the point of putting a little 6 lb. dog above the husband - it was pathetic. You just wouldn't believe it! It lead to good discussions in our Bible reading last night about God's design to have dominion over the animals.


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