Friday, September 12, 2008


I haven't posted since Monday and you can see why -- I've been playing.  I got tired of the old header.  We really need a new family photo.  So here we are, diamonds in the dark desert, and no, you can't see us in the photo, just like you'd never notice a diamond in the desert at night.  Unless someone was shining their headlights on it, just at the right angle.... don't you just love the neon pink fruits on the left? lol.  Oh well.  I don't know how long this will be here.  My kids keep asking me, "Mom, why did you make it night time?" Like that's a bad thing.  I don't know why I did, I just did, okay?  Sometime I'll surprise you all with something really cheery and out of character, lol.  Have a good weekend, everybody.


  1. It is cute and fun! A change is as good as a holiday and besides...... things grow at night. We will see what comes in the morning ;-)

  2. Night time is great in the desert. Much cooler

  3. I think it looks even better on my screen:-) Its a little darker so it makes the night look better.

    Next I think it should be sunset or sunrise.


  4. Nice header. I love night. I get less headaches. It's why my blog template is black. The glare from other templates can tire my eyes quickly. I love homeschoolblogger's friend feature. I can read other blogs on my black template. :-)

  5. Hi Sally, we are back & all safe & sound - had a good time. WOW, what great news that you sent on the cbox - must have been a great sermon Sunday. :) I want to hear the details you know.

    Nice header change, but I miss you guys in the photo - without the snake. lol

    Talk to you later.


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