Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quick and Easy Lunch

Do your kids get tired of the same old lunches each day?  Mine do.  We go from sandwiches to Top Ramen to quesadillas and back to sandwiches again. Lately, though, since I have been allowing making my girls prepare their own lunches, the quesadillas have been more popular with all of us.   This is something we do frequently, but if you are not from the southwest, maybe you don't think of eating refried beans for lunch?  Here's how to make a very un-authentic quesadilla:

Heat a frying pan over medium heat.  Butter one side of either a flour or corn tortilla. (There is a big difference in taste between them, and we all have our preferences here.) Lay it buttered side down on top of a second tortilla.  Slather the top with refried beans. Place a layer of lunch meat ham or turkey on top of the beans.  Make the top layer a generous amount of shredded jack, cheddar, or Mexican blend cheese. (You can also make this with cheese only.) Carefully place the top tortilla with its toppings into the frying pan. Next, place the other tortilla on top of the cheese, with the buttery side up.  Cook it for a minute or two, until the underside is golden. (Check by lifting the edge with a spatula.)  Flip the quesadilla over and cook the other side.

Sprinkle with salt, slice with a pizza cutter, and eat it up!

More mature eaters will appreciate more sophisticated fillings -- green onions, grilled chicken, taco meat, green chilies, salsa, etc!


  1. We like to make them with refried black beans and cheese. On top we slather salsa and sour cream. Yummy!


  2. We had tacos today for lunch, does that count?

    Did you make these before moving down there or have you acquired the taste since living down there? They look good. Refried beans are okay as long as I don't have to look at them.

  3. My kids love quesadillas--our son likes cheese, and my oldest likes chicken. Your recipe is quick and easy, and I think it would be a treat for them as I get tired of cooking the same things for lunch! I'm excited about lunch tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Just like we make them at store #1, #2, #3, etc....

  5. Chullitos Man, I'm pretty sure the restaurant doesn't use lunch meat in theirs. lol.

  6. Quesadillas are our prime lunch fare. The kids don't like any toppings though. Just plain.

  7. Baloney Casadilla - kind of an American Mexican type meal

  8. Hello!!

    Betsy gave a link here. Needed check it out! That does look and sound good..............Mom........?..........You know I didn't know what to have for lunch tomarrow.......well..........




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