Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10 Things I Like About Me

I was playing at Shani's the other day enjoying one of her latest posts, about how we women are so good at finding things NOT to like about ourselves.  Shani challenged her readers to come up with ten things that we DO LIKE about ourselves.  I wasn't even going to do this one, because she is right -- for every one thing I do like about me, there are probably a hundred things I don't like about me.  But that slave-driver encouraging woman, Shani, wouldn't leave me alone.  She insisted that I play, even if it takes me a week to come up with ten things. Under dire mental duress I came up with two.  And then I realized that everything I really like about me is really not about me at all -- it is something that Jesus Christ has done IN me or THROUGH me, or in SPITE of me!  So, at the risk accusations of false humility, here are my ten things:

1. I am eternally saved.  Once and for all.  I received God's gift of faith in the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ, in my place.  Every one of my sins was forgiven 2000 years ago, and they are under the blood of Jesus. Praise the Lord! Jesus paid it all.
2. I have absolute peace about eternity. The Lord gave me that.
3. I have been blessed with spiritual discernment, from reading the Bible for many years.  The Lord gave me that.
4. I am reasonably content with my material possessions.  The Lord did that.
5. I am comfortably frugal, a trait that is sometimes necessary in the ministry, but not one that all people in the ministry have.  The Lord did that.
6. I am more practical than romantic, which is a good thing for a woman married to Mr. Dominant/Steady.  Sometimes I'm a little romantic, but I think I suppress that side of me.  God made me practical, and I need to be.
Okay, now for some more carnalish things:
7. I have always liked the color of my hair! People have asked me since I was about eight years old if I dye it.  God made it that way.
8. I had three babies with no meds, and one with an epidural just to reward myself for the other three.   God gave me the grace for that, and a body that has babies easily.
9. Once in a while, I have the presence of mind and the mind/hand coordination to be a good writer.  God is preserving what's left of my brain and has given me the talents I have.
10.  I ran out of things. 

I asked my kids, and they couldn't think of anything, either!  LOL!!! Okay, wait, here's a contribution from Alizona: Even though I say it's time to go to sleep, I stay in their room and talk with her and her sister. (Oh good.  I'm glad there was ONE thing!)

Okay, Shani, I did it! 


  1. Yay, Sally Mae, you DID IT!!!!! I'm so proud of you!! Those are all wonderful things, which doesn't matter what I think anyway, because these are things YOU like about YOURSELF. God loves us each for who we are, and we should acknowledge that much more often. To not like ourselves is not liking a piece of who God is.

    I'm so proud of you, my friend!! Now go have a cookie for a reward. :)



    p.s. and I'm not even the slightest bit offended by the 'slave-driver' comment, no I'm not. :P

  2. 11- You always strive to put others needs before your own.

    12-You're a friend to me when I am not friendly

    13-You care for and love the people of our church

    14-You're a good writer (ladies newsletter)

    15-You always strive to show Christ in all that you do

    I could go on.


  3. 16 - You're a great friend to PlainJane (Yes, you have to remain my friend).

    17 - You are a fun & interesting blogger.

    18 - You are honest!

    19 - You are a good wife & mommy to your family who cares enough to homeschool your children.

    20 - You're a good friend (oh, did I say this one already). lol

  4. Many of your attributes are mine as well, especially the practicality and frugal ones and yes God did that with me too. I get a bit reflective at times and I'm amazed at how He has transformed me (and is still doing so) into a much more civil, caring, and well meaning person on the whole. It's easy to be loving to our families and closest friends (well, most of the time) but to be concerned about our fellowman and more so their salvation, is God. Some would say that's age, I disagree, I know far too many selfish older people, it's God building it into us as we abide in Him.

    I'm in one of those more contemplative moods this morning and I know your post was supposed to be a bit light but I appreciated the honesty in the more spiritual side of it :-).

    Thanks and blessings, Julie

    By the way the gift of discernment has gotten me in trouble at times because I didn't heed God's timing :-). Thanks for a great post and I'm glad you succumbed to your friend's pressure, I needed to read it.

  5. I don't think it is flattery. It is great that we have friends who can point out our strengths and giftings to us. This is called encouragement.

    Proverbs 27: 2 Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips.

  6. Such an excellent point, Mrs Short, thank you!

  7. A very good list indeed. Hee he about needing help on # 10.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

    In Him<><



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