Monday, September 29, 2008

For Shani or anyone else who is crocheting

A couple of years ago I started this very easy, simple, anyone-can-do-it afghan.  Believe me, if I say anyone can do it, anyone can do it.  Because if I can do it, anyone can do it.  This is my very first crocheting project. Nothing like overkill.  A wise woman would begin with a dishcloth or something a bit smaller than an afghan. Because I never seem to get much done at one time, I plan to finish it in about the year 2057.  But what I like about this pattern is that I never have to go back and reread the instructions to remember where I am or what to do next!  Very simple.  DC10, ch10.  That's it. When you get to the end of the row, ch3 and turn. The real instructions are below.

Finished size is 50"x64"
Use size I hook.
6 dc = 2"
2 rows = 1"

Row 1: ch 253.  DC in 3rd chain from the hook.
DC in next 9 chains, ch 10. Skip 10 chains, * DC 10 in next 10 ch, ch10. Repeat from *.
Make 13 groups of DC's and 12 loops, ch3 and turn.

Row 2: DC in next 9 DC's. Ch10, skip the loop (the 10 chains in the previous row), * DC in next 10 DC's, ch10, skipping loop. Repeat from *. Ch3 and turn.

Repeat row 2 for 116 rows and fasten off.

To finish, start at bottom, and with fingers, pull 1st loop over 2nd loop, and pull 2nd loop through and towards next loop.
Pull 2nd loop over 3rd, and pull 3rd loop through and towards next loop.
Repeat to the end and fasten the last 2 loops with safety pin.  Be sure all your loops are going in the same direction.
SC in each DC across the top, with 2 SC in each loop, removing pins as you go.
To finish the bottom, SC in 10 DC's, * ch1, SC in 10 DC. Repeat from * to end, fasten off.
Add fringe if you still like the 70's look, lol!


  1. You met the one person who can't do it. ME! Sigh


  2. Great work, good attention to detail. Should help some cold blooded person stay warm some day.

  3. and I am very impressed with your handiwork. I am not sure I understand the abbreviations though....

    I am looking forward to seeing a photo of the completed product! ;-)

  4. Love the crocheting results...

    However, I was also writing to thank you for allowing yourself to be used of God so mightily. First, I made the quesadillas on yesterday, and they were delightful! I completed surprised the kids, so as not to hear the usual amount of complaining-before-I-even-try-it responses. They were asking for more! We used the flour tortillas, by the way.

    Secondly, I had forgotten about Teaching Textbooks. I think the first time I I looked at their site the price was a bit steep for me. After I completed posting that entry, I reviewed Teaching Textbooks again after looking at Cathy Duffy's online site. I'm not a big Cathy Duffy fan, but it's a quick place to get good reviews, especially when doesn't have much information--for some reason, no one is posting many geometry reviews. Anyway, Duffy claims that Teaching Textbooks would be in her Top 100 Picks book if they had been printed at the time. The price is still steep, but I'd rather spend the money for her to have a good experience with math than spend the year with us both frustrated.

    Again, I just wanted to say that you've blessed me--twice--and I am grateful. God bless you, Sally!


  5. How did I never see this??? Oh, right, must have been on one of my "breaks." *sigh* See what I miss??? This is lovely!!!! You're doing so well! How's it coming? This *was* three years ago, so I think I'm okay on asking for an update, lol.


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