Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ready for School (Almost)

What is you-all's experience with music lessons?  Carrotlover thinks music is just NOT her thing, but IMHO, she is just overshadowed by two talented older sisters. She does have an ear.  I am afraid if we force her now, we will kill any desire to learn to play, ever.  On the other hand, we are only asking for 15 little minutes of her day to practice or just to play anything, before she can get on the computer. But this policy is being met with objections, loud and numerable . What do you think??

One mail-order item to go, and we will be ready to start the next school year.  In sweet compliance with my DH, we will be taking it real easy this year, so as to end the school year in about September of 2009.  I would rather be ahead than behind, but that does not figure in here.  And besides, what is behind?  Why am I married to the government school calendar?  I hate that! So here's our coursework for the year:

For Alizona (9th grade-ish)
Algebra I with Teaching Textbook
with Apologia
Economics with What Ever Happened to Penny Candy + workbook
Bible Doctrines with Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum
Baptist History with Dad's Sunday School class
Home Ec -- skills in the home as taught and assigned
Creative Writing -- authoring a book, plus blogging assignments and journal

For Booklover
(7th grade-ish)
Bible with  The ABC's of Christian Growth
Pre-Algebra with Teaching Textbook
Science with Rod & Staff
Building Thinking Skills
Landmark's History and Geography, plus Seterra
Landmark's Literature
Home Ec as assigned
Journal and blogging

Carrotlover (4th grade-ish)
Landmark Math
Landmark Bible "Miracles of Jesus"
Science with Rod & Staff
History/Geography with Rod & Staff, plus Seterra
History Stories for Children -- read chapter of my choice, illustrate and write a        caption
Easy Grammar and Daily Grams
Vocab and Spelling (100 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know by 4th Grade)
Recorder or Piano or Violin, her choice, or skip it altogether

I just needed to write that down somewhere, and a blog is as good a place as any, especially since I haven't posted anything in a while.   (Did I do this already? I can't remember.)  The girls are convinced that they are going to have NO time to play, poor things!  We start this way each year, with a big ol' list of curriculum, and by the time the year is half over we have ditched some of it. So never fear, my dears, I'm just bluffing.  I'm sure we'll have our usual sort of year.


  1. I appreciate you stopping by my blog. It was a nice welcome!! I love your blog. How did you get your own background and such? I am a preacher's wife too. Anyway thanks and I added you as a friend.

  2. Oh, I sympathize with Carrotlover as concerns music--one of my younger sisters, Hannah, is precisely the same way. He three older sisters (myself included) are all progressing rapidly, and she feels somewhat left in the dust--for awhile she always complained about her practice. Lately she seems to be improving, though, and she does show signs of becoming a talented cellist ;-).

    Have a great day!


  3. The "forcing her to play" thing is kinda tricky. Since I have no older children to compare, I don't know that my thoughts will really be that helpful. However, we were involved in homeschool music classes last "school" year; and while there was much whining and gnashing of teeth from our older daughter when it came time to practice, I think she genuinely enjoyed learning to play the pre-corder. We had the privilege of having a super ("former" homeschool mom) teacher for the classes which met once a week. She required homework, which consisted of practicing various songs, rhythms, etc. (different assignments each week) three times per week. (There's a link to her website on my sidebar.)

    Hope that makes sense and isn't too confusing. :)

  4. I've been chewing on your question all night: are music lessons necessary? My answer is this: Yes. Having children in disciplined events, I can say from experience that the sailing has not always been smooth (been capsized a time or two, lol), but that the ride is definitely worth the work. They are learning such important life skills - not just the actual instrument/dance result - but the skills of perseverence and triumph, discipline, and get-over-yourself-itis. <grin>

    Add to that that musical abilities are such well-rounding things, and that the world isn't actually comprised of polititcs and sin - no, the world is comprised of music and art and love. That's what forms a society at its core, and that endures longer than any government has. She would contribute greatly to that, and I feel that those who can, should. Her duty is to a greater good, as ours is as well.

    This was not clearly spoken, but I hope you get my point. I feel like I'm struggling for words to accurately convey my conviction, lol.

    Good luck, whatever you decide!!

    God Bless,


  5. ByHisGraceInColoradoJuly 10, 2008 at 5:13 AM

    Thanks for stopping by the front porch! I appreciated your comment. Yes, that standardized thing drives me nuts too :)

    I just want to tell you what I think about music lessons. Yes, ANY discipline is good for our children, but we still need to see what that child is leaning towards, and help them follow that. My kids love music and all have been exposed to lessons of some sort. My oldest has a great ear and learned to play many songs all by herself, and LOVED doing it. Then we got her some lessons. Well, several factors went into this but she ended up being very frustrated and not enjoying the piano anymore. But now she is learning to play other instruments (at her own pace) and loves to sing. I don't think that lessons are bad at all, I know kids who were forced to take piano, hated it and think it was a colossal waste of their time. I know other kids who are SO thankful that their parents made them take lessons when they were little...they love to play now. But if a child has a definite gift in that area, encourage it.

    For that child who really isn't interested, (or maybe intimidated by a talented sibling) just exposure to good music could make a huge difference. They will find their niche, with lots of encouragement. :)

    I really don't have this all figured out. LOL! Just sharing my thoughts.

    I hope you have a wonderful week! Say hello to "AZ" for me, ok? That is where I was born and raised. I think I mentioned that a while back. :)



  6. No ideas, just saying hi. I am sorry I am neglecting you.

    I like a post about curriculum. You know I love it.

  7. A good posting of your homeschool plans - I seem to be posting about anything & everything except homeschool. lol Our girls are very sympathitic of your girls "having" to do school in the summer - but understandable in your climate. Well, I can't give you much advice on music since your girls excel in that area already, but 15 minutes of music isn't too long - perhaps she just needs a different instrument that her sisters aren't playing - how about the drums. teehe You know Anna gave up the violin, it just wasn't her thing, plus she couldn't compete with Amber, but now going through the piano books on her own, she is a bit ahead of Amber already. She just needed something that she could excel in that was all her own. Plus I don't think Anna would do well with formal instruction, she likes to speed through everything and an instructor would slow her down too much and take all the fun out of it for her. I saw a girl in the parade playing a piccolo, that was different and kinda neat.

  8. I am probably not one to talk on this subject, but since I like leaving comments, I could not resist. *wink* I hated music lessons as a child. My parents gave into me. I now see how it is a handicap to my husband's giftedness. He is an excellent Sunday school teacher. If his wife had persevered in her music lessons, she would be decent enough by now to lead songs in said class. Since she cannot, he is handicapped and has to find another song leader each year. I really wish I had not given up so early. Perhaps telling your dd that she might be preparing for ministry via music lessons. We don't do music lessons for our children because of cost, but I do have a piano and am hoping this will change before it is too late. Any good suggestions for DVD lessons, by the way.

  9. Thanks so much for visiting my blog recently. It was so nice meeting everyone from the contest! For me I teach music (life of composers,some songs) etc. but I am not forcing a lot of music on the kids that are more interested in art. I have one who is really great at the piano and note learning but he hates art so I figure he should get a lot of music in his curriculum, now my younger ones really love art so it may be different for them. I love that about homeschooling, I can cater to what they are good but give a little of basic of both. Thats just what we do, everyone is different.


  10. homeschoolshelterJuly 15, 2008 at 3:51 AM

    Funny, I was just writing up a blog post on the very subject of the necessity of music.

    I'm afraid I would force her. My children are unfortunate enough that I, like the pastor's wife who commented, did not persevere in my lessons and did not have parents who forced me. I mention this to The Artist every time we butt heads over practice. It's taken a few years but it's finally coming along.

    Some people have put their children in different instruments to avoid the intimidation factor. For our part, while The Geed (our second) will learn piano when our teacher will start (age 8), in the meantime, The Geek has shown an interest in the violin so we will be starting that in a few months. Perhaps this will help the "competition?" We'll see in a few years.

    Was that good advice? I hope it made sense. My coffee is a bit slow in kicking in today.


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