Friday, July 18, 2008

Busy Day

This entry is for my most loyal fans, just a recap of the day.  Got up at 5:30 and went for my (almost) daily two-mile walk.  I can't believe I am still doing this, but it's getting to be a habit.

Then we went to the funeral of our oldest church member, a man who had (still has -- his wife is still with us) four generations of his family in our church.  What a blessing to see so many saved in one family, and what a heritage.  We tried to wear cool clothes and look dressy at the same time, but we weren't very successful.  Alizona and Booklover provided violin and flute music again, which was great, because you don't normally get "Oh How I Love Jesus", "In a Land Where We'll Never Grow Old", or "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" for music at a funeral home.   The preacher gave an excellent message on how to be confident of heaven, as our brother in the Lord was while he was living.  Most of the family who were present were lost people who believe it is a sin of presumption to say you know for sure you are going to heaven.  Can you imagine that?  Sounds to me like someone wants to control them with fear or something.  Imagine God leaving us to wonder about it until the moment we die.  How can a person ever have peace in this life that way??  The Bible says you can KNOW (present tense!), and the preacher did a good job of  showing that we can KNOW for sure, by God's Word, by his work (not ours), and by his way.  It was about a hundred and eleventeen degrees outside, and the funeral director was well prepared with a chest full of iced bottled water at the grave site.  Whew it was hot.  Even in my "cool" clothes, I could feel the sweat trickling down my chest and back.  Whoever invented nylons was inspired of the devil, I am sure of it.

When we got home I threw a roast in the slow-cooker so I wouldn't have to come up with supper at 4:30 pm, and I congratulated myself for my foresight.  Spent the afternoon pre-reading A Light in the Forest for Booklover.  Pretty good book, but I sure didn't like the way it ended!  So sad!

After supper we all decided we wanted to go along with Daddy to Lowe's.  Building stores are so fun, don't you think? Well, only if you go with a good idea and lots of money, that's what I think.   But the kids love the big car carts.  We were on the hunt for one of those electronic bug/rodent annoyers that keep them away from your house.  You plug it into the wall, and a signal runs through the electrical system and transmits a high-frequency noise that they can't stand.  (Kind of like shopping at WalMart and being forced to listen to whoever the latest stage god is.) We didn't find the kind we wanted, and we decided to look online.  All the reviews by pest control people said those contraptions don't work, and all the ones written by consumers said they are the best thing since mousetraps.  As an experienced consumer, I can tell you the good ones do work.  Ours conked out after, oh, maybe seven years, and soon after we unplugged it a rodent work crew took up residence in our bathroom wall.  They have spent hours remodeling in there in the middle of the night, keeping us awake with their hammering (probably more like chewing).  So we now have one of those gizmos on order, and that will be the last of the rodents and the occasional little bugs we get in the house.  It's way cheaper than a monthly service contract with Adieux or Baron or Bugbusters, and certainly a lot healthier for us than having chemicals sprayed in our human living area.

On the way home we stopped at Dollar Tree and managed to spend $7 on junk we didn't go there for, and we didn't find what we wanted in the first place!

Before we could go to Lowe's, Carrotlover had to have her hair combed out.  This is the one I was telling you about a little while ago, who gets dreadlocks overnight.  We had that problem solved for about three days, and then her hair rebelled again.  It is just impossible!!! Solution: scissors. Her long, straight, thick hair WAS about 2" above her waist, but now it is about 2" past her shoulders!!!  Thankfully she really likes it shorter, and I did not have to put to bed a crying little princess who was mourning the loss of her beautiful tresses.

And in other news, the toilet got stopped up tonight for about the thousandth time since we had our new sewer system put in, sigh... my DH is threatening to start "The Poop Blog", just so he can have a place to anonymously vent his frustrations over the naughty toilet.  


  1. Wow, you work fast, good post. Yes, my mom has one of those plug-in bug stoppers in her townhouse and she says they work too.

    We did the hair cut thing yesterday - Anna 1-2" with tapered bangs; Amber 6" with a little bangs; me about 3 or 4" no bangs. All of us are happy.

    Okay, we just survived another Tornado Warning (lots of them this year). I should be out at the barn right now - leaving. Have a good evening. I'll return maybe tomorrow evening when I have time. Blessings!

  2. homeschoolshelterJuly 20, 2008 at 4:49 PM

    Yes, nylons are a satanic conspiracy. Seriously, they only exist to give us something to complain about. ;-) I miss the days when I could wear knee high socks with my loafers and dress. :-) I do see some young women wearing that style but I'm just too old to pull it off.

    I'm sorry for your loss. And especially for the sad way the relatives believe. God has not given us a spirit of have to wonder what Bible people like that are reading. :-(

  3. That sounds like a fun blog. I bet you'd get lots of commenters as anyone who parents children will surely have stories of stopped up toilets....


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