Saturday, July 5, 2008

Delightful Dusting

I'm not too sure how effective this method is, but it was fun!  (Turn up your volume.)

And no, they are not for hire!


  1. I wish I had that much fun while dusting... guess I might have to turn up some music and flit around like a fairy next time, lol! :o)

    As far as the blondies go, I don't change the baking temperature when making a 13x9 pan of them. They are still usually done right about 25 minutes, too. Two things to remember, they firm up a lot when they cool, so once the center has puffed and fallen, they are pretty much set. You can bake a little longer to be sure they are done, but you don't want a really tough blondie, so be careful not to overbake! If this recipe doesn't turn out well, you might want to check your oven... maybe it runs a little cooler than it should? *shrug*

    I promise that if you try the blondies and my brownies, you will never want to try another recipe again! I cleaned out my recipe box because those are the only ones I use now, lol! :o)


  2. How totally cute!!! I love all the giggles - it made me giggle, too!!! Thanks for sharing the video!

    God bless you ~ Julie

  3. SurvivingTheTestosteroneJuly 6, 2008 at 6:19 PM

    Would you hire them out as teachers? :) My boys could use some lessons. LOL



  4. What fun to see sisters playing together like that!


  5. Oh how fun! This is the kind of stuff that makes for wonderful memories. I'll have to show the girls later. Where's the missing duster?

  6. That was too cute!! Loved the giggling little girls - it's a refreshing sound apart from boys clashing with swords, lol!!

    Have a great day!


  7. The closest I can come (short of growing my own) is to purchase them from Sprouts. They're good from our local farmer's market, too, but the shelf life of those is in hours, not days (which is probably as it should be. Hunh).

    Off to clean - no, BOMB- my house, lol!

  8. Cute!

    Come over and see how you can enter for three more chances to win The Schoolhouse Planner -- who knows?! ;)


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