Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Great eGadget

My kids have a time limit on the computer, but we have soooo many excuses why we can't get off when it's time -- the timer stopped, I forgot to set it, I'm not done yet, etc.  After throwing away two El Cheapo wind-up Sunbeam kitchen timers, we discovered this: yTimer, a free, junk-free download from This is great!  yTimer has solved the broken timer problem!

With yTimer, you enter the amount of time 'til the bell (minutes, hours, or days), leave yourself a note reminding you what the timer's for, then blog or play away.  When your time's up, a nice loud, schoolish-sounding bell sounds (you can adjust the volume), then a little window pops up with your reminder. There are forty different simultaneous countdown timers, so you can set it to remind you to make a phone call at 8:00 a.m., stop your kids' blogging time (not yours, of course!), or even check your eBay auction!  It's pretty neat.  We like it.  (I especially like that eBay reminder feature, because I am so good at forgetting to bid at the last minute!)

Click on the link above, then click on the "download" link on the left.  It's a small file and a simple set-up.


  1. boo hoo! :( No more contests for me?

    This timer thing sounds great... but what about me?! I really do need to have one that will make the computer self-destruct if I don't get off of it.

    (The code is 988881... I had to triple-check it to make sure I had the right number of 8's. LOL!)

  2. Yes, I know I'm up late... I can be quite the night owl.

  3. Yes, we have gone through two or three el cheapo timers too! Sounds great, we will have to try it hear too. I think there is a lot more fudging on time going on lately.

  4. homeschoolshelterJuly 18, 2008 at 10:30 AM

    I'm so glad you posted this. It is working out great here.

  5. (sigh) Fine, I will go check this out. It's like you don't even want me on the computer anymore. (kicking the ground with toe)

    LOL!!! Great tip - seriously, I *need* this. The boys aren't the problem, I AM!!!


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