Monday, November 12, 2007

For Bird and Bug Lovers and Young Authors, Too

My lovely daughter, Booklover, posted this amazing link on her blog, but since you all don't even know her informative blog even exists, I am helping her out here. This is a very interesting story for bird and bug lovers.  Go check it out!  What? You want to know what it is about first?  Oh, okay.  It is a short article, with photos, of course, about a praying mantis that caught a hummingbird for lunch.  It is incredible.  Unfortunately for the bird (or fortunately for the mantis, depending which way you look at it) this probaby is a common event, but not often seen by man?  Maybe I just live in the wrong part of the country. I'll have to keep my eyes open.


Also, did you know that Susan Marlow, author of the Circle C Adventures series for kids, is hosting a fiction writer's workshop for FREE?  Booklover is having an absolute blast creating characters, describing scenes, and giving life to the "dead" words in her stories. And she is getting wonderful feedback, from a REAL author, not just, you know, Mom. Best of all, this was Booklover's idea, not mine, and she does not classify this as "school work", because it is way too much fun to call it "school''. But you and I both know it counts, ha ha ha! Sigh, I just love it when that happens!  Anyway, back to the writer's workshop, it can be started at any time.  Just begin with lesson one.



  1. Maybe I forget or something, but I just realized your daughter and my daughter are on each others friends list. Your daughter was Sarah's 300 comment! How fun. Sarah's doing Suzy's writing workshop too. She's really enjoying it, too. :)


  2. I know! I know about her blog! lol I am glad she blogs. She is such a sweet girl!

    ; )


  3. Thank you... for nominating me. ; )


  4. They have more of those things that someone in your family liked :) Different colors at least. I saw a brown with pink, and pink with purple. Long sleeve too. Also, some jean skirts, long ones, and some nice sweaters. Anyone like perfume?????? :)

    Oh please come to the Cookie lee party :) Be real exciting if you did :) NO presentations or anything. Come at any time and leave at any time. Oh and buy somethign :D Ok so you don't have to just please come :)

    I fixed the font. Mom couldn't see it either so. Yeah :)


  5. Oh wow. I can't imagine. Must be one huge Mantis.

    I have that clip loading (slow dial up) but I don't quite think I want to watch it. I think I'll just see how big it is. I love hummingbirds......


  6. Okay, now I'm feeling sorry for the hummer (I rarely feel sorry for bugs). But I do know from watching the hummers here, that they fight eachother a lot. Hope you are having a good day!

  7. Yikes on the Mantis!

    I wish I would have known about Susan's classes before, they are already on lesson 8. Looks like a good one though!

    btw I'm PMing you about something :)




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