Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tag of Two's

Bethanyrae encouraged me to do a few more tags.  Here's one:


Two names I go by:

Two things I'm wearing right now:
khaki skirt
flowered t shirt

Two of my favorite things today:
a clean bathroom

Two things I want at the moment:
Christ's coming
a servant's heart

Two favorite pets I have had:
a malamute/samoyed mix named Cody
a Siamese cat named Chu-Chu

Two people I hope will fill this out:
Alizona (I got you back, hee hee)

Two things I did last night:
killed ants

Two things I ate last night:
brownie batter

Two people I last talked to:
my father-in-law
my daughter

Two things I am doing tomorrow:
teaching Sunday School
eating pizza with guests

Two farthest trips I have taken in the last 5 years:
Norfolk, VA
Wichita, KS

Two favorite holidays:
4th of July

Two favorite beverages:
cold water
cold water
(I live in the desert, remember?)

Hm.  That wasn't a very revealing tag.  I'll do another one sometime.


  1. I know I too wished it would have worked out, I would have loved to see you all! Hope all is going well w/your family and you. I'm just staying busy and have work in the morning, nice BRIGHT and early, seven thirty to be exact! What JOY! ;) Ha!

    Take Care! Love ya' Stacy

  2. Just popping over to see your weather widget. Say, it says it's 3:12 pm (same as my time). Are you PT or....WAIT. You guys don't do daylight savings time, right? So we have the same time-zone for the summers. Or...maybe I'm just...wrong...?



  3. I didn't know that about your pets. Yes, do another tag sometime. :)


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