Friday, June 13, 2008

Belated Mom's Day

Earlier today I found Emily scrounging through the closet.  She said, "Mom!  Don't look!  I have a late Mother's Day gift for you." I obliged her, thinking she was after a gift bag and some tissue, which she was. I figured maybe in her messy bedroom Emily had unearthed a drawing that she had done last month, and which she had meant to give me for Mother's Day. In our family we have a tradition of hiding birthday presents, and she told me she wanted me to hunt for my Mom's Day gift.  Well, I was in the middle of supper, and I told her I would look later. Then, in true Mom style, I forgot about it.

Forward several hours. Amy discovers the hidden present, and, knowing what it is, presents it to me. "Here, Mom, this is your Mother's Day present from Emily!" Oh yes, where is my brain? I totally forgot.  I glance at Emily and see her eyes shining.  She is eating this up.  Her love language is touching and gift-giving, and I can see this is a biggie.

So I peek into the bag. Are you dying to know what was in it? It wasn't a drawing. I slowly, dramatically, and JOYFULLY pulled out the contents, item by item:

one paper bag
 one can of chicken meat
 and two bottles of puffy paint

No wonder it took her so long in that closet -- she was on a gift-getting expedition. Once was not enough -- she wanted to see the delight in my eyes as I opened her gift just one more time.  So I opened the gift bag again and pretended it was the first time I had experienced getting a paper bag and a can of chicken for a present. The other girls and I had a bad case of the giggles, but judging by the smile on my littlest daughter's face, it was the best belated Mother's Day present ever.


  1. How sweet! I can just imagine the big, wide, eyes of your daughter watching as you opened your special gift. My children as well have given me gifts that were as yours - a gift of the heart. It doesn't matter really what it was - just knowing they made the effort and delighted in "the giving" - that's what counts. I do hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Sally. It sounds like you did!



  2. LOL, too funny! I suppose that means you will need to sit down & do a puffy paint picture with the little gift giver soon. Please do post your art work. :)

  3. AUGH, that last comment was from me you know - Jane. How do you work this thing anyways.. lol


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