Friday, June 20, 2008

Rebellious Teen Blogger Tags Her Mother in the NO TAG Zone

Okay, I guess since this IS a homeschool blog I could do this tag....  Here we go:

  1. How long have you homeschooled? Since my children were born.  Doesn't everybody start out by homeschooling?

  2. What grade did you start homeschooling? You mean, when did we start buying graded books?  I suppose it was around first grade, but we learned so much before we ever bought books....actually the first grade material was a waste of money.

  3. What grade are you in now? I graduated from high school in 1981.

  4. How old were you when you started? I was 37 when I started homeschooling. (It's an education for me, too, lol)

  5. Do you like homeschooling? Oh yes!  I only wish I were going about it differently!

  6. Have you ever gone to school? Yes, all my life.  I'm still in school. The School of Experience, School of Life, whatever you want to call it... Academy of Humility? (I'm a long way from graduation in that one.) School of Patience?

  7. How long did you go to school? see #6

  8. Do you intend to home school your kids when you grow up? If I ever grow up, yes, unless by that time I am helping to homeschool my grandchildren.

  9. What are two things that you like about homeschooling? Oh, only two?  Okay... I like the fact that I know exactly what my kids are learning and NOT learning, and I love seeing my kids "get" a new concept or show interest in a new topic.

  10. Do you totally go against public schools? Totally.

  11. Do you have friends who are not home schoolers? Yes, but none of them have kids who are school age.  Almost everyone in our church who has kids homeschools them. Outside of my church friends, all my other friends with kids are homeschoolers also.

  12. Is it hard to get along with public school friends? Well, it wasn't when I was in the government school...

  13. What is the first thing other people say when they find out that you homeschool? Honestly, the most common response I get is, "Good for you!"  Maybe the general public is catching on?

  14. Who are you going to tag? Since this is a no-tag zone, it really wouldn't be fair to tag anyone.  If you want to be tagged, you are.


  1. Don't let her have any bagels.


  2. Nice tag - glad she made you do it!

  3. Hm. When you said you were 37 when you started homeschooling, I thought that was kinda late in life. Then I calculated mine, and I was 39!

    "If I ever grow up..." I hear you!

    You really should "tag" more often! Maybe just do on your own some you see going around. Less pressure that way, and fun reading for us....I'm sure your daughter could help you find them!


  4. Fun tag, but I'm glad you didn't tag me. I need to have a tag-free zone on my blog. They (tags) were fun in the beginning, when I was first blogging, but now? Yikes! No time to answer tags or to tag folks.

    In answer to your question about Towpath Adventures.... I said BOYS because they are so hard to find books for. But I revised it and took that BOYS part out so it wouldn't put off any families with girls in it. If Amy likes to read everything, then I think she would enjoy this. Tell her that I liked this book MUCH BETTER than the Amish Kid books I'm reviewing right now (Rachel Yoder). For one thing, Towpath has some substance, a plot, some danger, and a lot of great history put in too. There aren't any girls in the book, but as a young reader I didn't care (and often preferred) books for boys, like "The Boys Who Vanished" (a novel like Honey I shrunk the Kids but much, much better because it's an "old-school" book from the 50s).

    So long story short: If Amy likes other "boy-oriented" books, she'll like this. If you're doing US history Erie Canal stuff I sure would have had my DD read it for history, and I think she would have liked it. I don't think she would have picked it up just to read, however.

    Hope that helps!

  5. I don't think you'll ever grow up. So you're safe.


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