Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

2012 began just right, with a blanket of snow!   I finally have some very contented kids in the house!  3" doesn't sound like much, but if it's enough to build a fort, it's enough.

Sadly for them, however, it is going to be 45 here Thursday.  I just don't understand it.  Everyone kept telling us how cold it is here and how were were just going to FREEZE in Minnesota... I am all for global warming if it means temperate Januaries (Januarys? January's?)  in the north country!

The 2012 bicycle race between my husband and his dad is already in full swing.  The rules are complicated; read them here.  My FIL, being 71, has a goal of riding 100,000 miles before he turns 80.  He is well on his way, with 24,000 miles since his 69th? birthday.  We heard a rumor that he is not riding at all for the next couple of days, so my competitive husband (like his dad!) will be sure to get out today for a few extra miles.  In this race which is so dependent on the weather conditions, he is already behind!

My nebulous goals for 2012:

1.  To be more gentle, especially with one particular child, this in keeping with Courtney's Gentleness Challenge.  But I need a quantitative way to measure gentleness.  Any ideas other than, "Today I will only yell THREE times"?  lol

2. More Bible!

3. To cast EVERY care on my Lord Jesus, because he cares for me.  I think one of the major reasons why so many women are on anti-depression meds is that they have never learned to PRAY.  I'm working on it! 

4. Be a better friend to my best friend, Monocogman.

5. Lose 17 lbs, one and a half pounds a month.  I can do that, right?  Anyone could do that.  Even me.

6. Read out loud more.

7. Learn how to do something.  What?

8. Keep in touch with the real people in my life.

That's enough goals for now.  Maybe I'll post an update sometime.  #1's coming along nicely. :)


  1. That is a great list, I have one of those children and am taking the gentleness challenge as well.

  2. Your goals are great ones! I'll have peek at that gentleness challenge. It definitely sounds like something I could use. :-S

  3. Awesome set of goals for the year. And yes 1 1/2 lbs is doable. I need to loose 2 a month to reach my goal.
    My sister is from far north Minnesota...still not snowy or cold by Minnesota standards. She goes to AZ this time of yr because of the cold. Today I was weeding in the January! In my shirtsleeves!
    The bike race sounds like good clean fun.

  4. I saw my doctor today and he said that even if I only loose 5 pounds this next year I am doing great, because my "boat" is heading in the right direction. Have to love that doctor. He is so encouraging. He thought my 20# loss this year was fantastic. I need/want to loose 100# this year, so the thought of 5 is frustratingly slow!!! Maybe we can do this 12# together! I am thinking prayer would be the answer to your #1, unfortunately or fortunately, depends on how you look at it! You are so right about prayer and depressed women. So right!

  5. Hmm - you want to learn how to do something. Perhaps how to play the violin or to speak Hebrew? ;) Haha

    I love you soooo much. Thanks for donating blood with me today!


  6. Love the goals for this year. I will have to work on the gentleness one as well. What I really need to learn is patience but you know how you lean that right??? Not sure I want to be put into that lifestyle. Why can't I just have patience and have it NOW!!!! So glad you got some snow, you can keep it. I haven't had any yet and would like to keep it that way.

  7. What a wonderful list of goals you have ahead of yourself this year, Sally. I wish you much luck in accomplishing them! How about learning to knit? :) Whatever you choose, make it FUN!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Shani xxx

  8. Winter was last year, sorry you missed it. I think God is giving us a break after last year. I fear we are going to have a really late cold snap and the lilacs won't be worth anything. I'm enjoying the warm weather & lack of snow totally!!
    Nice goal plan.


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