Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another First

The world's best dad handed me $20 and told me to go buy four sleds.  Are you laughing already?  I got to Wal*Mart and picked up TWO cheapo plastic sleds for $30. Isn't it ironic that the 2012 swim suits are already on the racks next to the winter coats, but the sleds aren't on sale yet?  While all the kids in town were all stuck in school, we took advantage of the nice polishing job they had done on the hill at the city park the day before.  (Another great reason to homeschool -- you get the sliding hill all to yourself!)  Alison was busy taking the GED and sadly, she missed out on most of the big event. 

Emily learned early that when you get your face full of snow, you have to just brush yourself off and keep going!

The big hike back. (There's a price to pay for so much fun!)
The parents forgot their age for a moment.
This looks like a posed photos.  Honestly, we are zoooooming past the camera!

It was such a good day that today we went back for more, and this time we brought Alie along.  Everything is so much more fun with all four sisters. :)

*Feeling a twinge of envy at that jacket in the background.  Fleet Farm didn't have THAT color when we bought jackets!!


  1. Sledding is excellent exercise! I have a dream to one day own snow shoes so I can hike in the snow and perhaps not fall on ice. :-) All our snow melted again. We have another chance late tonight, but it won't be enough to go sledding. They tried last "system" and found the weeds too bumpy with only a dusting of snow. I am glad you all are having fun. Maybe you can snag a couple more sleds around Easter when the stores are needing shelf space for their "holdiay" items.

  2. How fun for you all. I was cold just watching your girls go down the hill and all the snow getting all over them. Made me smile however to know what joy you are having.

  3. These are GREAT Sally! We're going to make Northern girls out of those Arizona beauties yet!

  4. Awesome! I just wish we would get some real winter weather...was 60 here yesterday. Hopefully the sleds will go on sale soon.

  5. Oh, what fun!!! SO happy for you and hubby that your trip down the hill didn't end in an ER visit like ours did last year. :P

    So glad you're getting some snow, even if we are bare naked down here. Figuratively speaking, of course.


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