Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birthday Blues

Unopened gifts   :(
Thank you all for wishing our daughter a wonderful day, but Amy got a fever for her birthday!  It was a Very Sad Day.  Amy missed out on her specially requested spaghetti and meatballs supper. No one ate Amy's traditional Oreo birthday dessert. No one opened presents, not even one.  The shades stayed shut.  Sisters tip-toed around the house, and one sister even cried because Amy's special day was ruined. 

The next day we forced her to open her gifts, because if Amy couldn't celebrate, we could!  And besides, getting a can of Pringles sour cream and onion chips from your sister is bound to put a smile on your face, even if you are sick.  :)  We ate her meatballs and her birthday dessert and we had a wonderful time. :)  She still hasn't recuperated fully, but she's on the mend.


  1. Oh no. I am so so sorry she missed her special day! You're just going to have to make her favorite meal again very soon.

  2. OH I'm so sorry she missed her special day with special food and special dessert. It's sad to be sick on your birthday no matter the age. I hope she gets well soon and can enjoy some of her gifts.

  3. Oh no. That is very sad indeed. :-(

    Prayers for her that she recovers quickly and fully and that you are able to have a be-lated celebration with more meatballs and dessert.


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