Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Dear Amy

Amy turns 15 today.  And what a lovely lady she is becoming!  This year found her volunteering her time weekly at the local nursing home, babysitting free of charge, and teaching piano lessons.  She is also working as a mother's helper for two different moms, and she LOVES the work!  These teen years are so fun.  I am so enjoying seeing my girls mature into wise and helpful young women.

To see the spectacular birthday of Amy's dreams, go here.  Wishing we could make it real!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sweet Amy!! May your upcoming year be filled with faith, love, laughter, and joy... and let's not forget, lots of chocolate!!!
    ~Shani xxx

  2. Aw...your admiration for your daughter is so evident in your posts. I love reading from and talking to moms who see their children as the blessings that they are. Our eldest turned 14 two weeks ago and she grows to be more of a joy each and every day.

    Happy Birthday Amy!

  3. Oh yes, Shani, lots of chocolate and lots of trips to Caribou!
    Thanks, friends, for your kind wishes.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!! I'm sorry it wasn't all you had hoped for being sick and all. I pray your year goes better than it started, teehe. Lots of Love ~ Aunt Jane

  5. Happy Birthday Amy! Loved the story, may you have many more.

  6. Happy Birthday to Amy!

    My Blondie will turn 15 in June. I love her dearly.

    I always wonder when I tell people her age and they groan and warn me that teen girls are difficult.

    What are they talking about? Mine is a sweetheart.

    It sounds like Amy is too... we are blessed, aren't we :)


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