Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh My, It's That Time Already

How did it get to be February already?  I have a month in review due, as well as my church ladies' newsletter!  This might be a good time to post my to-do list.  It has all sorts of stuff on it, big projects as well as some that would only take five minutes, if I would ever get to them.  One of the things that is NOT on my list for today is blogging. :(  (But as you can see, I did it anyway.) So here it is, and I am going to get to work:

Sometime Very Soon
respond to all the nice comments my friends have left
January-in-review post
oil cabinet door hinges
order Emily's science
SS lesson
ladies' meeting?
finish summer vacation blog post!!!!!!!!!
eBay some books and stuff
make pink skirt
yard sale
ruthlessly declutter
Email Mrs T
get a knife sharpener
plan high school
drop a size or two

ladies' coffee hour
brush my teeth and do hair (I put it all on the list so I can cross off more things!)
clean bathroom
fix kitchen sink drain
supper ??????
MAKE MORE BLUEBERRY BREAD PUDDING  -- this is top priority!

Okay.  Going now.  Keep warm, and have a great blustery day!


  1. M-m-m-m-m...blueberry bread pudding?! Sounds like something you need to post, my dear.

    May your lists shrink rapidly and successfully. :-)

  2. Sister Sally, Really enjoyed reading this months blog. Also enjoyed listening to Amy and Alison play their piece. Sound like you are very busy and not much crossed off your list!! Ha Ha. Sounds like my household. Right now my life is revolved around language and sleep!! Would love to have a better routine. I need to use your title for things to do instead of the usually. Yours is more honest as we know most time things do not get done!! God bless you and your family! We think of you all often,
    Love Camille Elam


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